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Roman - His home - Complete

Come To Me, My Love
Thursday, December 15th - After the moon is full

His Dove was missing. Someone had taken her. That was the only explanation.

Roman paced the room, anger making the very air around him seem to crackle. "Who dares to touch my bride... Potter. I'll rend him limb from limb and laugh as I watch the last flicker of life drain from his eyes. Where has he taken her - and why?"

Strong fingers gripped the marble of the fireplace mantle as Roman stared into the flames. "If he was only seeking to bed her, she would have returned to me soon enough to seek forgiveness but I can barely even sense her at all. He can't know of me, none of my brides would tell. They love me too much to put me at risk. But Potter could suspect..."

Half finished thoughts raced through his mind and rage filled him. "I will get her back. They are mine and no one shall take them from me. Not Potter. Not Izabel's precious Remus. Not..."

Izabel. She hadn't been able to come to him these last few days because of her wolf. But the moon was full tonight and her wolf would be out of the way. Yes. Perfect. I'll keep her at my side until I'm ready to bring her over. I'll need to keep a close eye on my dark Rose, and when the time is right I shall reclaim my Dove.

"You, elf, prepare Izabel's room. She'll be staying with us. Forever."
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