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Bill and Tonks :: Bill's cabin :: Complete

Senses working overtime
Trying to taste the difference,
'tween a lemon and a lime,
Pain and the pleasure,
And the church bells softly chime.
Monday, July 30 :: Early evening

Benefit of being the new boss: Playing hooky was completely without risk.

Penalty of being the boss: Taking off early came after a couple of days working overtime with the new recruits and trying to get the Station back to a semi-useful state after a couple years of neglect.

A few stores in Hogsmeade and London should have been delighted with the orders Tonks had made to restock the storerooms. The Station's budget overage had been approved right off, which was just as well; as it was Tonks was supremely proud of her determination that no matter what, she would not be asking the Minister what pet project the funds that should have been spent on Hogsmeade Station all along had gone to when she encountered him at Wilson's funeral service Thursday morning.

Scrimegour was Shacklebolt's project, not hers, although she'd help if she could. More importantly, the town was in her hands now.

Merlin help it.

She'd even get used to the statue outside Percy's office and stop tripping over it one day, she was sure.

Luckily the townspeople hadn't risen up in revolt against their young and funny-haired Head Auror yet, and since the rookies were already pretty familiar with the town — just a couple updates since they went to school here — that spelled taking the afternoon off.

And probably the next day, too, although that wasn't final yet. She'd have brought it up this past weekend, but upon reaching the cabin any discussion more serious than whether it was ever ok to drink beer instead of milk with brownies was right out. Just to be sure, though, she had a dress (miniaturized and charmed to stay wrinkle-free) in the bag at her side.

Also taking up space in the purple tote bag was a parcel containing a couple of steaks, carefully wrapped by the butcher not to leak out of their ever-chill paper. Tonks had something of a dinner date tonight, which is why there was a spring in her step as she walked through Hogsmeade and down the road toward the cabin.

A few insects buzzed lazily, the only sound detectable at all until Tonks reached the porch and her too-loud footsteps disturbed the peace.

She stowed her bag in the shadows under a chair and sat so she could see the road, curling her feet and their clunky boots underneath herself. Within minutes the warm July air had her drowsy and then napping, a smile curving her lips as she dreamed.
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