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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Daphne and Harry - Glen Hollow - Incomplete

You can never go back, but sometimes it's so hard to go forward.
Sunday, July 22nd - Late Afternoon

Since she and Harry had come home from the events of Friday night, Daphne had refused to leave Glen Hollow. For the most part she remained in bed, curled up on her side of the mattress, buried beneath the covers and clutching a pillow.

Guilt, sadness and fear ate at her. How had she missed the signs? How could she have let Rose down so badly? And the others? How many had been hurt because of her, because of something she should have noticed?

For awhile she had been numb, and it had been easier to sleep. But now the numbness had worn off, and Daphne could only dwell on what had happened.

Then there were the nightmares. Visions of Rose turning, of Harry being ripped apart before her very eyes, of Roman winning. She woke up screaming from those.

How much longer can I go on like this? This isn't healthy, Daph. She felt another twinge in her belly and rolled to her back, gasping as it happened again.

It's the baby. He's telling you it's time to get up, Daph. Rose is gone, but you aren't. You've got a family to care for, and friends who are still here who need you. It's time to start moving on.
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