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WWN - Emergency Broadcast

Are We Safe?
Friday, July 20th - Nearing Midnight

An official sounding voice interrupts a gentle instrumental ballad. "Ezekiel Brunderbluss here with an update on the breaking news in Hogsmeade. Once again, years after Who-Know-Who was finally defeated, there have been confirmed sightings of Inferi roaming the streets. While officials continue to diligently work to clear the streets, all citizens are urged to remain safely behind locked doors, and to board up their windows if possible. The Ministry wishes to reassure everyone that they are dealing with the infestation as I speak, and we will be alerted once the all clear is given."

An audible shuffling of papers, and Ezekiel clears his throat. "We've been unable to contact anyone at the Hogsmeade Auror's station for an official statement; however, a source in the Ministry who wishes to remain anonymous has told one of our reporters that there may have been vampiric activity involved. If you remember over a year and a half ago the WWN brought you news of vampire warnings and possible vigilante reactions in the same Hogsmeade area. One might wonder if those reports are some how related to tonight's events."

A door opens, and yet more paper shuffling is heard.

"We have confirmed three fatalities, the identities of the dead have not been released at this time. Many more injured; however, the numbers are surprisingly low considering the estimated number of Inferi involved. Unconfirmed eyewitness reports have mentioned that people were trapped in the Auror Station - which could account for why we've been unable to contact senior Auror Wilson as of yet. A large number of the civilian force that decimated the fiends before officials arrived seemed to have come from the Three Broomsticks, which had been closed for a private function."

"Please stay tuned to the WWN for more details as they come in."

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