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I said I'd write.
Tuesday, July 10th ~ Evening


I was detained a bit longer than I'd hoped expected. Nothing serious, no one in hospital or anything, just some red tape that had to be dealt with.

My bosses were dead set on a certain item being shipped to their vaults, and their Egyptian counter-parts were equally set on it going to theirs, and I was stuck in the middle since I was the only one at the time capable of moving the bloody thing without setting off at least three curses and a hex that would have done some nasty things.

But enough about business. Let's talk about pleasure.

I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but if you have a free day this week, or this weekend or whenever, I'm really not that picky, just desperate, and I'm so scratching that out. let me know and we can do that date thing.

- Stretch.

Welcome home, Fancypants! I figured on the no-hospital thing, at least after I owled the London office to ask Marcia to check on any incident reports over the wire from Alexandria.

You know, this place gets kinda dreary when you leave the country. My theory? All the cakes and biscuits and whatnot know that they're not as appreciated as they should be — casts a shadow over everything, disappointed pastry does. Powerful stuff.

Sorry to hear about the squabble between your bosses and the Egyptians, but delighted to hear there were no cursings or hexings.

As for my schedule, well ... tomorrow night's out 'cause there's going to be an internal inquiry Thursday over how the Ministry handled the Bellatrix incident, and I have to prepare my testimony. So how about Thursday night? Give me something to look forward to and all. And I don't want to wait 'til Friday.

— Nymph.

Thursday is good. Tonight would have been better, but I can wait. I guess. If I have to.

I'll make reservations at Daphne's place. Around eight?

- Stretch

Around eight is perfect. I'll be ready.

And for after, do you have any ideas or should we play it by ear or I have some ideas and never mind

- Nymph.