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Time is on my side, I can wait for now. I've got all of eternity.
Friday, July 6th ~ After dark

He was home, she was sure of it. Percy was probably there with him, laughing with him, loving him.

Rose's lips curled back, baring her elongated canines and releasing the soft growl from deep in her throat.

Without a hint of breeze in the air her hair and cloak ripple and move as she stands on the long path that leads toward Gregory Goyle's house. She's far enough back to not trip any wards he might have placed on his home, but Rose can still see the building, can still imagine what might be going on inside it.

If her Master did not call, and her thirst did not grow too powerful, Rose would stand there for hours as she had the other nights. Easily overlooked by all but a few who might look down the path.

She did not react to the crack of Apparation beside her.
Colin quickly ran a hand over his face and checked to make sure all of his limbs had made the journey with him. Apparation called for concentration, and lately his mind always seemed to be a bit scattered. Too many things going on at once, too many voices that weren't his own inside his head.

He stood just behind and to the side of his Mistress and looked toward the building she was watching. Colin didn't know what it was, but it seemed to be holding her attention.

After a moment, he reached forward so that she could see the folded parchment in his hand if she turned her head.

"Here's everything I've noticed, the closest I could come to an accurate schedule for her. I also included what I know about the wedding plans and the two gatherings the night before. Izabel should be off the castle grounds that night, and Remus will be at his own party." He sounded eager, seeking praise or even just some sort of acknowledgment from Rose.
After a moment, her pale hand slid from under her cloak and took the offered parchment. Her cold fingers brushed against his hand, and Rose smiled to herself when he gasped.

She tucked the parchment into her cloak and gave Gregory's house one final look, before turning to face Colin.

"You did very well. He will be very pleased." With us both.

"I'll send for you soon, my dear boy. Very soon."