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Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Saturday, June 30 • Early evening

Remus stood still on the bare sod that yet surrounded cottege, eyes closed. Apparating from London after taking a dosage of Wolfsbane required a moment's recovery.

When his head ceased swimming quite so much, he swallowed again to attempt to clear the taste from his mouth and moved to the door, his shoes making soft marks in the lane where a proper walk would soon be.

This would be his hiding place tonight, if not his home yet. No more Shrieking Shack, and no more Snape — although to be honest not having the Potions Master available to check over the other Apothecary's work on the new version of Wolfsbane was a bit worrying. There were more new elements to this moon than Remus liked.

But Bellatrix, the woman responsible for so much madness and pain, was dead, and that was a relief. Kingsley Shacklebolt had passed on to Lupin that they did believe she was responsible for the dead Aurors, the Herbologist, an Unspeakable, and dozens more, just from what they found in her books of record. She'd boasted of them all to herself, or to whatever Dark Lord she'd thought would read of her exploits and approve.

Their faces floated in Lupin's mind as he made his way into the cottage and down the stairs, to the cellar he'd prepared.

His very own cage.

If not for Bellatrix, perhaps this would have been different, perhaps he would have trusted to let things continue as they had been, sleeping in a bed like a human, feeling Izabel's hand run through his fur.

There'd have been no need to construct quite so secure a cage until ... until later. How much later? Until there was a child to think of.

But things stood as they did, and as Remus checked over one last time the precautions he'd built into the cellar, the wards and bars, the key one could only reach when a human, he felt that would be worth it.

To never to go through a spring like the past one again, and to live here with a wife and a family ... this was a small price indeed to pay.
It was surprising really, how patient she could be while in the bat's body. Swinging from a large branch in a tree near the cottage she was quite content to wait. It helped that the sun hadn't set when she'd arrived, slightly apprehensive that if he saw her too soon, he'd send her away. They'd agreed that Izabel wouldn't spend the night with Remus at the cottage, but she hadn't agreed not to come at all. When he appeared near the dwelling, the bat gave a small sigh. He'd made it and after he went inside, she gave him what she thought was enough time to prepare himself for the night before dropping from the branch. She had to change back into herself to open the doors and make her way downstairs, but the soft shoes she'd chosen didn't make too much noise.

Although - he's probably already heard or smelled me anyway, she decided with a small smile before opening the door to the room that held his - accommodations for the night.

"Am I too late for a goodnight kiss?" she asked quietly.
Another first: this cage had a bed of sorts, recessed into the wall and cushioned much better than the utilitarian cot he'd used at Hogwarts. It would still be ripped to shreds if the wolfsbane potion failed, of course, but until that happened again at least the pain in his bones and joints wouldn't be exacerbated by sleeping on a cold floor.

Remus was testing the coverage of the wards, looking for holes, when a prickling on the back of his neck said someone had entered the house. The tip of his wand stilled until something in the air and the feel of the room spoke of who it was.

Lupin closed his eyes at the sound of her voice and smiled to himself. He paused again to make sure no potion remained on his lips before turning around.

"Not at all."

He approached his wife eagerly, but stopped at the last second to warn, "But after this we're keeping our agreement."
She could have argued, but she didn't want their first night together in their new home to be tarnished by a disagreement of any kind. Instead her hands slid up his arms until they met behind his neck and her body was pressed lightly against his. After giving him a small smirk, she fluttered her eyelashes lightly and tilted her head.

"Would I do anything against my dear, darling husband's wishes?" she teased lightly and then grinned. "I promise I'll spend the night at Hogwarts in that huge, empty, cold bed if it kills me."
Lupin chuckled and dipped his head to kiss his wife, his hands sliding down Izabel's sides to rest on her hips.

"I'll make it up to you," he promised quietly after he caught his breath again.

While he was required to stay there that night, she wasn't — and Remus wanted their real first night together in their new home to have no hint of the werewolf around, only a man and a woman. They couldn't afford a honeymoon destination, but they'd have the cottage's threshold to cross.

Which meant he'd better put some space between them now.

"You know you're welcome to spend the evening at Glen Hollow if the castle's too quiet."
Izabel felt the internal wince, but hopefully didn't allow it to show on her face, at the thought of spending time in Harry's home without Remus there. She still hadn't found it in her heart to forgive him for the awful things he'd said when Remus had first fallen ill and didn't want to be beholden to him for anything that wasn't necessary.

"I may stop by and talk to Daphne for a bit, but I'd rather be where I can pull your pillow close and at least have your scent with me," she said by way of explanation.
Remus accepted the explanation without a moment's thought; any werewolf would have. His nostrils flared slightly as he returned to where he'd been standing a moment ago and placed a hand on Izabel's shoulder.

"This is the last one," Lupin offered. "Next month there will be a place down here for you to rest."

He hadn't installed it yet. Too much a temptation.
The logical part of her mind wanted her to argue again. Sentimentality ruled otherwise. She knew it wouldn't make a difference if it was this month or next month since she was already his wife, but the desire to please him in this one small instance won out.

He asks for so little, Izabel reminded herself as one of her hands covered his.

"I'll be back as soon as the moon sets," she told him while taking the hand and bestowing a brief kiss in the palm.

"Sleep well, my darling," she said softly before releasing the hand and moving toward the door. Just before closing it behind her, she turned her head enough to send him a cheeky grin.

"If you don't, I'll have to ask Poppy for one of her nastier tasting tonics."
Remus' eyebrows arched in alarm. "Now there's a threat liable to give me nightmares!"

He called up the stairs, just to make sure: "All I want to see in the morning is you, and some chocolate. If you could arrange that, I'd be the happiest man alive and will sleep perfectly well."
A soft laugh made its way back down to him, followed by a teasing, "Your wish is my command, my husband." A short pause and then, "At least in this," was added as a disclaimer.

"I'll see you in the morning, sweetheart."