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Bill and Tonks - Bill's Cabin - Complete

I would just like to go on record as saying I still think this is a bad idea.
Saturday, June 30th - Afternoon

Somehow, when the matter had been broached at Malfoy's party the night before, Bill hadn't been able to come up with a good enough excuse to keep Tonks away for the night.

No, he hadn't actually ever hurt anyone - that he could remember. There were a handful of moons he had managed to drink himself into such a stupor that he really didn't have a clue what had happened the next morning, other than the hangover. But that didn't mean the urge to break things, and people, hadn't been there.

That's why he'd kept Fleur away. Hell, that's why he kept just about everyone away, other than a few nights spent in the company of Chuckles, but Bill knew Charlie could take care of himself if something were to happen. The man dealt with dragons, for Merlin's sake.

Just because he hadn't ever hurt someone in the past, didn't mean he wouldn't some night. But that wasn't good enough for Tonks. She had persisted, and pushed and now... Now she was due to show up any minute, assuming she didn't chicken out and spare them both.

Bill continued to pace the living room, nerves biting at him, demanding that he not answer the door when she knocked, to run away and hide in the woods for the night.

No one but family had seen him like this, antsy and full of repressed energy, since Greyback had mauled him, and Bill wasn't really looking forward to changing that.

At all.
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