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Every girl needs a little reassurance once in awhile.
Sunday, June 24th ~*~ Early Morning

Normally Daphne was the last to wake up, especially on a Sunday when she chose to sleep in on her day off. But this morning something woke her early.

Whatever it was - dream, bird call or something else all together - was quickly forgotten as she made herself comfortable cuddled against Harry's side, the slight bump of the baby making it harder to fit against him like she used to.

Her frown was barely visible in the pre-dawn light. In her mind, she understood that the changes occurring in her body were necessary for the baby, and the baby was definitely something she wanted, but Daphne had always had issues with her weight and couldn't help wondering if Harry would still want her when she got fat. What if she couldn't get the baby weight off right away? What if it never came off? Draco would never let her hear the end of it, that she was certain of.

"Harry? Are you sleeping?" She knew Harry was still asleep, and the polite thing to do would be go back to sleep and talk to him in the morning, but Daphne wanted to talk about it now.
There was no terseness or any other kind of warning in Daphne's voice or body, therefore Harry was content to laze in and out of the twilight sleep he found himself in.

Should answer.

What was question?

Am I sleeping?

"No," Harry answered fuzzily while turning to bury his head in Daphne's neck. His arms tightened around her a little and then relaxed.

"Thinking with eyes closed," he muttered before a soft snore followed.
The cuddling was nice. The snoring was not.

Daphne tried again, this time adding a bit of a nudge. "Harry, I need to ask you something, and I want you to be brutally honest. I think. Unless it's bad, then maybe you should lie... No, honest it is, I really want to know."

She nudged him again. "When I get as big as a house, will you still think I'm pretty?"
A low grunt followed the first nudge and Harry stayed fairly coherent through the first few sentences. Pulling his head back, his eyes were only slightly glazed as they rose to half-mast. He got the message she expected him to tell her the truth, but the rest - was a little garbled.

Big house. Pretty.

Another one?

"Don't be silly, Daph. 'course big houses are pretty, but we don't need 'nother one. This one's plenty big enough," he told her as he kissed the end of her nose and snuggled back down in the pillows, pulling her closer. "Be chasing the ankle biter all over as it is. Sleep now?"
"No, that's not what I - Harry!" The nudge was more of a poke this time.

"Will you still love me, and want me, and think I'm pretty when I get all fat. What if I can't get rid of the baby weight, I mean, I haven't been able to get rid of the weight I've already got. What if I end up hideous?"

She was very serious, and the more she talked about it, the worse she felt.
"Hey! M'awake, honest," Harry muttered while flopping back and releasing his wife. He realized she was really concerned and he frowned.

Oh, bugger.

This is one of those questions that have the two edged sword hidden in their depths, isn't it?

Do they do this on purpose? Let you get to sleep and all off guard before springing them on you?

If I tell her if she gets fat, I'd get fat with her and roll around the house together would that work?

He could see them in his mind's eye and almost made the mistake of letting out a snort but managed to control it.

Probably not.

The above went through his mind in a flash, which was good because the more time that passed with her question unanswered...

Not good.

Inspiration struck and he raised up on one elbow and tilted his head as he looked at her.

"Daph, would you love me less if I lost an arm or a leg or had to wear a creepy eye like Moody did?"
Daphne thought about it for a moment, then shook her head. "Of course not." Although, the thought of one of those creepy eyes looking down at her in bed was a little off-putting, but she'd get used to it. Maybe he'd be willing to wear an eye patch to sleep and he could keep the eye in a glass of water on the nightstand like a pair of dentures? And I'm getting off track.

She bit her lower lip, and looked away for a moment before looking back at him. "You'll love me, but will you still think I'm pretty?"
Of course, was on the tip of his tongue, but Harry, being a man, didn't understand where this early morning interrogation was coming from or why. A finely honed sense of preservation, however, saved him from uttering those two little words and treating this as a silly question.

As her question rolled through his mind again, his hand reached out and moved a lock of hair off her face. It occurred to him he told her he loved her now and then when it felt like the right time, but it had been a long time since he'd told her how beautiful she was. Their marriage, the baby, their respective occupations and all the outside demands had taken bits and pieces of time.

A small smile played over his mouth while memories raced through his mind. The first time he'd seen her outside of Hogwarts when they were still strangers. The first date Daphne insisted hadn't been a date. The morning after when he fed her breakfast. The first time she'd come apart in his arms at Glen Hollow. The first time he'd told her she was beautiful and found his Daisy had been an innocent. The best memory of all, the day they became man and wife and made love in this very bed.

All of this served to soften Harry's countenance while he sat up and scooted back to lean against the headboard. Putting his hands under Daphne's arms, he pulled her up and into his embrace. He might not understand what had caused this particular bit of insecurity, but he did understand the need for reassurance.

"You've never been merely pretty to me, my love. You've always been beautiful. You've grown more beautiful the longer I've known you," he told her truthfully. One of his hands dropped to cover the small bulge. "While you're busy making our child how can you do anything but grow more beautiful? By the time we hit a hundred and fifty - you're going to be so damned gorgeous I'll have to exterminate every old geezer that looks at you twice."
He thought she was beautiful. He'd told her that before, but sometimes it was difficult for Daphne to remember it when she looked at herself in the mirror or thought about what was happening to her body during the pregnancy, and she needed to hear it again.

Not just pretty, but beautiful. And the way he said it... Daphne thought she might cry.

She leaned forward to kiss him, wanting to show him how much his words meant to her. "Thank you," Daphne whispered.