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Roger and Vera ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage -
they've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
- Rita Rudner
Saturday, June 23 ~ Afternoon

Roger was having his first good day in weeks - hell, in over a month truth be told. All thanks to Severus Snape. (And Poppy, but Snape was the initial cause and didn't have access to his body if he were to meet with some horrible accident so he'd stick to blaming the one that might not be in control of saving his life someday, thanks. At the very least she had control of the pain relievers.)

The sadistic bastard had to pay.

Roger was determined to find a way to turn Snape into a woman for a month by his next birthday... Well, maybe a week. The idea of a female Snape with the mood swings that usually occurred during that time period was just too scary. He'd level the whole town!

After having slipped from his birthday picnic at The Phoenix, Roger had made haste up to Hogwarts to see Poppy. He was rather relieved the woman had had too many patients (and may have been just the teeniest bit upset with him at that as well - it's not like he had encouraged them to do it... just let them know that it could and had been done before) to slip away for the party. He really didn't want to have ended up at St Mungo's, probably suffering from a unknown potion that he didn't have proof he had ingested - but for crying out loud! This was Snape - of course he had!

And oh boy, had he.

After several tests, dosing, spells and what Roger was fairly certain were totally unnecessarily embarrassing questions, Roger had been given his answer.

And never been closer to homicide in his entire life!

The man had - had - and she...

Although Poppy had seemed contrite enough (through her giggles) Roger wasn't exactly convinced. What should have lasted a week had lasted more than a month instead due to the interference of what she had shoved down his throat! Either that or the spells - by the time he had left the hospital wing Roger was too upset to differentiate. He had had plans for the night! Plans that included champagne and flowers and a ring and hopefully-pretty-sure a yes!

And sex.

He'd never gotten engaged before but was sure there was to be sex in the mix! And he wanted the sex! Especially when he realized that he was incapable of having it! Oh - he wanted it and the thought of it was enough to send the blood racing in his veins, he ducked into his room and took a half-hopeful peek down his jeans...

It was enough to make a grown man cry.

Roger's quarters had been cleared - he'd wait to ask until he could have the sex - and Roger had sat down to try and figure out how to explain this to Vera. He had to make it clear to her that it was the potions influence, Vera was completely and utterly under-confident about her sexual appeal and if Roger ever came face to face with the person that had made her doubt herself, he really would end up in Azkaban. He was afraid of tripping over his words and her somehow gaining the wrong impression... But then an even more horrifying thought had occurred - what if she didn't believe him? What if - if she thought he was trying to cover-up an embarrassing case of impotence with an outlandish story?

Not only would she be pissed beyond belief - but who would marry a man who.. wasn't really a man?

Right then and there Roger had decided to somehow keep it from her.

Life had been surprisingly helpful in that respect - Vera's mother had broken her hip (not that it was a good thing, not at all - merely... convenient) and then the students had descended. All panicking and cramming to ready for their end of year exams, then the actual sitting and, for their Professors, grading of the exams followed by the last minute pleading/threatening/attempted bribery and other things they thought would be successful in raising their grades those few points. Hardly.

When Roger had awoken this morning to a sorely missed morning surprised, he nearly had sobbed in relief. Resisting the temptation to work out a month's worth of tension all in one morning, Roger had hurried to dress and leave the castle. He was a man with a mission!

He was going to do this and he was going to do this right. Which led to him arriving at Vera's parent house to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage. (He still intended to marry her regardless, providing she said yes, but it couldn't hurt right? Ha.) Hours later, his head swimming with the suspicious questions her father had put him through and her mother's ongoing comments about the length of his hair, Roger had emerged victorious. (Her father had been a bit grudging and her mother thrilled, but they had given permission and that was all that mattered. That and finding a headache potion.)

Now he just needed a way to do it. Originally the plan had been to just ask, celebrate and then the sex - which was very much a part of the plan now (oh, come on, it had been a month people!) but it felt as though after this it should be, well, spectacular somehow. Roger wasn't entirely sure she'd be thrilled if he proposed in front of everyone (oh gods, and what if she said no - that idea was straight out). So back to the idea of a romantic dinner it was.

Plus with the school year ending and teachers taking off for the year, he'd have the whole summer to spend in an alcoholic haze while hiding out to lick his wounds.
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