Colin Dashiell Creevey (shattered_lens) wrote in __lightning__,
Colin Dashiell Creevey

Colin, Rose and Greg ~ Hogwarts Grounds and Hogsmeade ~ Complete

Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Wednesday, June 20th ~ Late Evening

Colin has been waiting for a nice clear night, without too much moon or too little, to play with the new toys he'd picked up on his last visit home.

The special lens and film were supposed let him get some amazing shots in the dark, with a sort of eerie effect.

Which is why Colin was lurking in the bushes near the Hogwarts' gate after dark; camera pressed to his eye, breath held, as he waited for the small creature near the tree to come just a bit further out of the darkness.

Somewhere to the left, a twig snapped, and Colin froze, the creature gone in a split-second.

For a moment he was in the midst of another grove of trees, spells were flying overhead, and Colin nearly called out for his brother before he remembered where - and when - he was.

"Probably a rabbit," he muttered under his breath, lowering the camera just the same. There was something on the other side of the gate, something far too big to be a rabbit. Fear began to wind its fingers around his pounding heart as Colin swallowed hard.

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