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You are only young once,
but you can be immature for a lifetime.
-John P. Grier
Wednesday, June 6th ~ Afternoon

Owl to All
Fear not, it is I, your most beloved and admired Draco Malfoy! Business concerns Oh fucking hell, this divorce of my parents' is going to drive me around the bend. Do you people have any idea of how many holdings I've had to make sure are secure and won't be in jeopardy?!?! have kept me a bit occupied lately. You may have been left wondering - where, oh where was the invitation to pay homage to the wonderfulness that is me! the celebration of my birth? I can't believe I nearly forgot the most important day of the year!

It's a bit delayed Father and Mother better get me some fucking awesome gifts for the delay but here it is! I have secured the Black Orchid for the weekend of July 16th, and have decided upon a joint celebration with my good friend Gregory Goyle. But only so I can dump the planning on him. Oh hell, he better remember that I know he has a brain and not stick me.. er, us with crap.

Draco Malfoy

Owl to Greg


I don't have time right now to deal with the details so I am leaving you in charge of my our shared birthday celebration. I expect lots of lovely naked eye candy.


If I didn't like you so much, I'd tell you where you can shove your...

I'll be glad to plan your birthday celebration. I hope you won't mind that most of the decorations and eye candy I will aquire will be from Las Vegas. Would a Hawaiian luau be acceptable? Plenty of alcohol and men in grass skirts belly dancing.

Yes, you will have four pieces of eye candy all to yourself which will be for your sole use. If you wish I can have them carry you in on a throne.


Fucking hell man, if I had time to plan it, I would! Do you think I like having to leave the plans in other hands?

Why the imports?
So long as they aren't gauche, I don't care. Cost is no object. The luau is fine, talk to the staff at the hotel and they can do... whatever it is they do to turn the ballroom into an acceptable setting.

Four? Greedy bastard, you're hogging them aren't you? Mwhaha! I shall steal them all! I was carried in on a litter last year, so a throne should be acceptable this time.