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Suddenly, it seems so real.
Sunday, June 3rd ~*~ Afternoon

Normally, Daphne wouldn't think of using her new station as the wife of the "Boy Who Lived to Defeat You-Know-Who Twice" to influence anyone into getting her something she wanted, but shouldn't really have. However, considering both their busy schedules and the fact that they weren't quite ready to let the entire Wizarding world know that there was a baby Potter on the way, Daphne hadn't a single twinge of guilt about asking her doctor if there was any way they could arrange a special appointment outside of normal office hours.

To Daph's delight, her doctor had understood about the Harry's notoriety, and had agreed to open the office on Sunday morning, just for them. She'd even had someone waiting to let them in through the backdoor.

It was all very cloak and dagger, but after what Daphne had learned about Bellatrix Lestrange and her own experiences with Croaker and the vampire, she didn't feel nearly as silly has she had expected.

There were some changes in her body, more than just feeling different, and the doctor reassured her that they were all normal for a pregnancy that was entering the second trimester.

Thirteen and a half weeks, and it still seemed unreal.

Until she heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Daphne had gasped, and clutched Harry's hand all the harder as the sounds of their child filled the small examination room. Tears threatened to escape as she watched the doctor move her wand to another part of Daphne's belly, and the sounds grew even louder.

They answered all of the doctor's questions, and asked a few of their own, but always in the back of her mind was the sound of her baby. Alive and healthy.

And real.
Wanting to go with Daphne when she visited her doctor was normal for any expectant father, even if he had had the doctor thoroughly checked out for any abnormalities or associations. He hadn't told Daphne about the background check on her physician since there didn't appear to be anything to be concerned about. There were still some reservations, but those were addressed as Harry's eyes met those of the woman responsible for his family's well-being in the months to come. His had been suspicious and full of non-verbal questions during the entire examination until Daphne's hand tightened on his and he heard their child's heartbeat.

For the first time in years Harry had to swallow repeatedly to keep the lump in his throat from choking him. He and Daphne were going to be parents. His eyes flew from Daphne's face to that of the doctor who was smiling and then she sobered and nodded once.

Somewhat reassured, Harry's gaze had returned to Daphne and he listened carefully to all the instructions and answers to their questions. Nothing could be allowed to happen to either of them and he was fairly certain the message had been received by the doctor. If not - a private interview could be arranged later.

"Hello, mum," Harry said quietly just before kissing the fingers of Daphne's hand. "Do we want to ask if she knows the sex?"
Did they?

She bit at her lower lip as she looked toward the doctor. "Is it - Am I far enough along that you can tell?"

When the doctor nodded, Daphne turned back to Harry.

Daphne wasn't sure if she wanted a little boy or a girl, she suspected that she'd be ecstatic no matter what as long as the baby was healthy. But she didn't know if Harry had a preference one way or the other. It might be better to find out now, that way if there was any initial - there would be time to work through it.

"You ask," she whispered, grateful that he still had her hand.
As long as they didn't know the sex of the child, the illusion that Harry held tight in his heart wouldn't crumble and break. All the nightmares he'd had involved either two daughters or a son and a daughter. Knowing they were going to have a daughter would - in his mind anyway - settle matters and it would necessitate taking certain steps to insure that they never had any other children. He was fairly certain Daphne would disagree with that decision and if he went through with it without her knowledge or consent - again he was pretty sure there would be some major problems. Since he didn't want to face that decision yet - he chose the easy way out.

"If you don't mind," Harry said giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "I'd like to find out when the baby is born. I can leave while you ask if you want to know."
Far from minding, that made Daphne very happy. To her, it meant that Harry didn't care what sex their little one would be.

"Oh, no. I'd rather not know yet, too. Just as long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy." She beamed up at her husband.

Everything she'd ever wanted seemed to be coming true, and Daphne refused to let herself worry that something would go wrong. She'd paid her dues, it was time for her to be happy.

"Was there anything else you wanted to ask, or are you ready to go home?"
To take himself out of temptations reach, Harry chose quickly.

"Home - sounds good - but how does a bit of shopping and out for dinner first sound?" he asked while helping Daphne stand. He decided to come clean ahead of time, since it wouldn't be long before she found out he'd had his eye on something else.

"There's something I've been meaning to show you that would go good in the nursery and before you protest - it's only a little rocking horse. With a bucket-type seat that goes where the saddle would be so the baby wouldn't fall off or anything. Later - we could get one with a regular type seat on it."
"Harry." Daphne gave him a look that clearly said he was being silly, and arranged her clothing so that she was once again completely covered.

It was hard to tell him no when he seemed so enthused about providing things for the baby, but she'd had to reel him in a few times. It was nice to be able to afford the nicer quality necessities, though.

She said goodbye to the doctor, and lead Harry toward the exit.

"Alright, show me the rocking horse. I like the idea of a bucket seat."
One down - dozens to go.

Probably wouldn't be a good idea to show her the jungle gym with the bucket swing and glider that sets up outside.

Maybe when the baby is a year old?

Harry grinned and put one arm around Daphne's waist.

"What would my lady like to fortify herself with before we go shopping?"