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Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

The more alternatives, the more difficult the choice.
~ Abbe' D'Allanival
Sunday, May 27th - Early Morning

Bits of thought and planning flew with the wood shavings this morning. The discarded, impossible ones were buried deep within the pile on the floor. He could have spelled them away as soon as they flew off the lathe, but it was less satisfactory somehow. As the curls grew and spread so did his thoughts on how to handle the problem of Lestrange. Harry was sorely tempted by the fact Bellatrix was no longer living at the Malfoy Manor with its ancient wards, but he wasn't stupid enough to believe there weren't adequate ones present where she and Narcissa were living now. Some might be there courtesy of Snape.

Which could be an advantage, crossed Harry's mind while his hand caressed a spindle of the cradle he was making for his child. Laying it gently aside, he chose another blocked piece of wood and placed it in position. The whine of the lathe began again as he approached the issue from another angle.

The fact his parents and Remus would probably be horrified at his thoughts never occurred to Harry and wouldn't have stopped him even if it had. Protecting his family the best way he could was paramount. He might not stand a chance against Fate, but the mortal world was a different matter and one he wasn't leaving to chance.

All contingencies have to be covered. She can't be allowed to boast about how she's furthered the cause.

Harry didn't believe Bellatrix would willingly give up names of those that had helped her, but clues - along with any evidence left behind in the Malfoy 'guest quarters' - might be enough to lead the Aurors to Daphne. The lathe stopped momentarily as Harry considered another angle.

If all else fails, Portkeys ready to take us out of the country and a transfer of funds to another bank. Diane could probably be persuaded to join us later.

The lathe started up and the pile of curled rubbish grew higher.
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