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Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Narcissa's Residence ~ Incomplete

There's a storm moving in
He's headin' back from somewhere
That he never should have been
And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

Saturday, May 19 ~ Afternoon

Lucius materialized in the library, very glad to be back at the manor. The business he'd conducted had went very well, putting a spark back into him that had been missing for far too long. Being crafty and a bit devious in the business arena was as satisfying, if not more so, than terrorizing the help.

An elf appeared, looking fearfully at him, and Lucius smirked. "Tell your Mistress that I have returned and bring me a brandy," he told the cowering creature, anxious to see Narcissa. He had missed her during the past weeks and wanted to make sure she was faring all right in her condition.

The elf wadded up the edge of its pillowcase, its ears flattening against his head. "Mistress Malfoy is not here, sir," the elf said in a high pitched voice.

Lucius' brow raised. "Very well. Inform me the moment she returns," he told the creature, assuming Narcissa had went shopping or to dine with Draco. The elf shrunk back and shook its head. "Mistress Malfoy will not be returning, sir." It swallowed hard. "She has left the Manor, sir."

His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Have you been in the butterbeer?" he asked viciously, kicking the elf. The elf yelped, a rib cracking. "No, sir, I has not. Mistress Malfoy and Mistress Black have both left. They has packed and left, sir."

Lucius stared hard at the pathetic creature. "Nonsense," he snapped, kicking the elf again as he strode past and headed up the stairs to the master suite. His eyes were flints of steel as he went to the wardrobe, jerking open the door to see it empty. Drawers were flung open, her drawers, and they too were empty.

Narcissa had left, but why?

A coldness seeped into his stomach. There were only two reasons he could think of; a man or Draco had told her about the potion. The latter seemed to be the more likely of the two.

With a snarl, Lucius tossed the drawer in his hand across the room, the wood splintering on the tiled floor. He stormed out of the room and down the stairs, grabbing his cloak from a terrified elf. Wherever Narcissa was, he would find her and bring her back.

No one left a Malfoy.
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