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This is the night, it's a beautiful night and they call it Bella Notte
May 18th, Early Evening

One thing he could say with certainty, Charlie preferred going out on Friday night with Anne to working in the club. The club owner was sorry to see him go but Charlie no longer needed the money since Chauncy wasn't in the equation.

Charlie smiled down at Anne as he opened the door for her, thrilled that she was giving him a chance to make amends although it would be a bit hard to revert to hands off after their one morning together but he could do that. She was worth doing that.
Walking into the restaurant, Anne sighed and pouted a bit.

"I'm still not sure I'm all that happy you quit dancing," she advised with a smirk. "Now what am I going to be able to shock my parents with when I go see them at the end of the month? Saying the man I'm dating used to be a male stripper isn't quite as good as saying he is one."
"Oh? You were going to tell your parents about me then?" Charlie drawled, escorting her over to a free table and pulling the chair out for her. "Well by all means, I can always go back to the club for a guest appearance if it helps. You could invite them to come by for a show."

He was only joking, the thoughts of her parents or his seeing his show was just...he didn't want to think about it. He was just thankful his mum and dad didn't catch wind of it.
Sending him a bemused smile, Anne shook her head while sitting down.

"While they love me, and my mum is always giving me the second degree about anyone I'm dating, I don't think they'll pop over from the States just to go to a strip show."

Her eyes narrowed slightly and then she smiled again.

"If you have any pictures - that could work," Anne advised brightly. "I could take those along and that would be enough that I won't get cross-examined any more about what I've been doing."
Charlie took his seat, his grin broadening. "Gods, I hope no one took pictures. It was bad enough when you and the others showed up that night. Hell, I wonder if Harry's girl still has that shirt."

He shook his head, his neck reddening. Poor Percy. He was so sure that Charlie was gay because of his dancing and his misunderstanding about 'who' Chauncy was.

Charlie started to reach across the table to take Anne's hand and stopped short. He smiled boyishly at her. "Just tell them you're seeing a terrific guy who loves his parents, works hard and is a perfect gentleman."
Delivering bad news was a part of the job, just not her favourite part. Particularly when the parties involved were close to her.

Tonks had left Snape and Ginny's cottage, stuck her hands in her pockets and walked out to the cabin to see if Bill was around and if so if he wanted to hunt down some food.

"This place has more light than the Hog's Head, I'll give it that," Tonks remarked as she stepped through the door.
"Yeah, but who would actually want to eat at the Hog's Head if you could see clearly?" Just the thought was almost enough to put him off ordering chips next time. Almost, but not quite.

He put his hand on Tonks' back in a friendly gesture that had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to make sure the jerkoff giving Tonks the eye over on the left knew she was with Bill, and began to guide her toward a table far away from the arse.

Then he saw his brother and his brother's bird at another table.

There was a momentary panic as his mind debated which would be worse: Chuckles or the ogler.

I can take the ugly shit if it comes to it.

"What about a table over there?" He pointed at the half of the restaurant that currently had no Weasleys in it.
Obviously the hand on her back was just to make sure she didn't bump into a chair or anything, Tonks told herself. It wasn't as if she didn't need it, either.

"Omnivorous masochists and deviants would still eat there," she nodded. "You sure that leaves us out?"

Bill's efforts to guide them to a safe part of the establishment came too late; the Auror had already spotted Anne and Charlie.

"Oh, but how about we go over there to see if your brother's managed to get himself out of trouble? It doesn't look like they have their food yet, so maybe we could share a table."

"Huh, how did I miss them?" he said, although he wasn't terribly convincing at all.

"Maybe we should leave them alone, just in case they're working on that making up thing? Third and fourth wheel and all that?" Bill tried to look hopeful with big puppy dog eyes of sincerity. It never worked on Dad, but sometimes Mum fell for it.
"Bill, Tonks," Anne said in greeting as the waiter put down the drinks she and Charlie had ordered. Taking a sip, she smiled while putting it back down. She really hadn't seen much of Bill, other than in passing at different functions, since the day she and Charlie had run into him while picking melons. First things first, however.

"I think I'm almost afraid to find out - but I have to ask - sex potatoes? Is that anything like the melon inspection I had pulled on me?"
Tonks nodded solemnly at Anne. "It's almost exactly the same thing, I bet. Devious acts upon or around produce. 'Melon inspections'? Obviously every employee of the 'Sticks isn't to be trusted around vegetables. I really should make an effort to talk to Georgette more often. God, she must have the best stories."

She picked up the menu to look over the options, and as she did, she couldn't help but ask Bill something.

"And why did Charlie immediately assume you'd be shirtless with the badges? Either your brother thinks you're a bit dim, or you've got something to share with the table."
"If he wasn't my brother, I would assume he's just obsessed with my body, but he is a blood relative and now I'm losing my appetite so I think we'll just gloss over that shirtless thing." He looked a little green.

Bill smiled at Anne. "I would like to point out that melons aren't vegetables, and that I'm not technically an employee at the 'Sticks."
Somehow Bill making the distinction between melons and potatoes didn't help.

I wonder if there's been a study made about produce fetishes and if growing up in a large family is indicative of a predisposition for the condition.

Would stand to reason there would be a lot of produce around...

But sex potatoes?

What kind, where and how?

That's just sick and wrong!
Anne decided with a delicate shiver she hoped the others wouldn't notice while sending a calculating look in Charlie and then Bill's direction.

"Was this something you picked up while living at home or has it only manifested itself since your parents bought the Sticks?"
Occasionally Tonks regretted not having any brothers or sisters, but then other times she liked being an only child. As she listened to the brothers' friendly sparring, she chuckled to herself again and had the fleeting thought that she would have liked to have a sibling ... but then either Bill or Charlie would get a particularly good crack in and she'd laugh out loud and decide that things were fine as they had turned out.

"I was going to ask if we should maybe order some breadsticks to split, but do we really think phallic food objects are what this table needs, however tasty they might be?"
"We do. We really do. Let's not limit the choice of bit shaped edibles, either. How about some cheese sticks? I wonder if they have breaded mushrooms?" Yes, Bill was grinning like an idiot.
"I do believe they do, Fancypants."

Tonks started laughing again, but soon the giggles faded and she was just smiling at Bill — so much so that when the waiter came back to finally take the order it almost startled her.

"Hrm? Oh, yeah."

She blinked and managed not to upset her water glass while placing an order for their appetizers.

"As for the main course, well, for that I defer to my tablemates."