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Remus Lupin

Remus and Tonks • Newport, Wales • Complete

He feels the presence of the wind around him
He feels the power of the past behind him
Friday, May 18 • Afternoon

I know, under the circumstances, that this can be but little comfort to you, but despite how it seems, I am sorry.

We both know it was no accident, and that any reasons I might give for what happened are just worthless excuses — there can be no justification offered for what was done to you.

Nor can you receive justice.

Not in full, not if I can prevent that.

I made the choice many years ago to stand by him as long as I'm still capable of standing. I might not always be physically there, but the point remains. For good or ill, to me he's a part of my family. And I've reaffirmed my choice to help protect him and his, and in doing so protect my own.

I expect we'll all pay for that. If not in this life, then perhaps the next.

Until then I'll leave you in peace. I know it's an affront to be here, just as it would have been to stay away. It's a measure of a person, how they fulfill their responsibilities. We failed you, and we're continuing to fail you, and when the time comes and can have no objection to you taking what's owed you.
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