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He feels the presence of the wind around him
He feels the power of the past behind him
Friday, May 18 • Afternoon

I know, under the circumstances, that this can be but little comfort to you, but despite how it seems, I am sorry.

We both know it was no accident, and that any reasons I might give for what happened are just worthless excuses — there can be no justification offered for what was done to you.

Nor can you receive justice.

Not in full, not if I can prevent that.

I made the choice many years ago to stand by him as long as I'm still capable of standing. I might not always be physically there, but the point remains. For good or ill, to me he's a part of my family. And I've reaffirmed my choice to help protect him and his, and in doing so protect my own.

I expect we'll all pay for that. If not in this life, then perhaps the next.

Until then I'll leave you in peace. I know it's an affront to be here, just as it would have been to stay away. It's a measure of a person, how they fulfill their responsibilities. We failed you, and we're continuing to fail you, and when the time comes and can have no objection to you taking what's owed you.
"And I'll tell Harry."

The initial numbness was wearing off, and in its wake there was ony the certainty that there was one thing to do.

"Anything we can help you with, anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask."

If he had come forward with the information about the Herbologist earlier, could it have been tied to Bellatrix and led to her incarceration before she'd gotten to Neville?
Eh. I don't give deputy badges out to just anyone, thanks.

That was being petty — you hardly could be miffed and suspicious when someone avoided you, then turn right around and do the same when they didn't.

Besides, Remus and his friends knew their stuff. Nothing wrong with using your resources.

"It's not my case and not my jurisdiction — unless Shacklebolt's hunch is right and they are all connected. But thanks."

Tonks nodded.


She waited until she had his full attention.

"There's nothing you need to tell me about any recent attacks, is there?"
He'd been lulled into a state of security, but at least to this he could offer something of the truth.

Remus cast a minor ward for extra privacy.

"I haven't bitten anyone as a wolf since I was undercover, Nymphadora."

He used the forbidden name deliberately, as a signal of the importance of what he was saying. It was the truth, after all — deer didn't count.

He'd offer up Izabel's presence as an alibi but that was coming too near the truth. It would be of little concrete use, anyway; what would anyone expect a fianceé, a wife, someone in love, to say?

How much would you have concealed for me, if things had come to that or if it were more clear-cut? And how far would I have let you go?
Her eyes had flashed at his use of her given name, but that was all. Tonks waited to hear if he'd say more, then slowly dipped her head in assent.

"All right. I just had to ask, Remus."

She made no apologies for doing so, though.

"And I wanted to talk to Hes' grandmama before she left, so if you'll excuse me ..."

Tonks touched Remus on the arm and left him standing alone. She walked over to catch an elderly witch clad in a gray wool cloak despite the weather and began to mull over the encounter.

How much is Mr. Secrets keeping to himself yet?