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An offer
Sunday, May 13th ~*~ Afternoon

Daphne frowned and ran her hands over her waist again. Definitely bigger. Stupid skirt.

Her favorite "at home" skirt would need to be altered just a bit, and since it was so old and comfortable she didn't feel confident about doing it herself. "I'll take it in to Mum tomorrow, have a few inches added." Another look at her reflection in the mirror, as she tried to convince herself the few pounds she'd put on over the last month or two didn't matter in the scheme of things, it wasn't as if she'd been svelte before.

Harry hadn't said anything, he might not have even noticed... But Malfoy surely would before too long.

After pulling on a pair of comfortable jeans, Daphne went downstairs to look for Harry.
Deciding it was a good thing he'd bought plenty of wood to make the cradle, Harry tossed another ruined spindle into the scrap pile. Frowning, he squatted down to check the settings he'd put on the lathe.

"You sorry sucker," he muttered as one was found slightly off where he knew he'd put it not three hours before. Correcting it, Harry tapped his chin lightly before drawing his wand and putting a strong sticking spell on the misbehaving machine.

"Try and get out of that one."

Running a hand over his face, he rose while grinning and then frowned again.

"Gods, I'm going to be as bad as Arthur soon."

Dusting his hands off, Harry performed a light cleaning spell before heading for the kitchen door of the house.
After making sure Harry wasn't in his office, Daphne stopped by the kitchen to make some thing to drink before she wandered outside to see if he was in his workshed.

Her little detour seemed to have been the right choice, because Harry ended up finding her instead.

"Hey, you. Was just looking for you."

Daphne offered her lips for a kiss.
One eyebrow rose as Harry pulled her close. She may have been offering her mouth for a quick kiss, but the day he settled for that and nothing else - well, he figured he'd be an old, old man who couldn't feel anything from the neck down.

"You've found me," he said with a slight smile before taking her mouth in a leisurely kiss. "Now I want to know - what are you going to do with me?"
"I've got plenty of ideas, but some of them should probably wait until later," Daphne teased. She did wrap her arms around him, though.

"How is the labor of love in the workshed coming along?"
Leaning back against a counter, Harry kept his arms around Daphne and grinned.

"The lathe and I have had a minor disagreement over what setting should be used on the spindles - which I think I won - but I'm much more interested in another labor of love we could work on together."

Wiggling his eyebrows before jerking his head in the direction of the telly room he asked, "Want to go make out on the couch while we pretend to watch a movie?"
"You always have the best suggestions."

Daph cuddled a little closer, making sure her breasts were pressed against his chest.

"Before we decide what movie will have the honor of being ignored - I'm going to be scheduling my next appointment with my obstetrician soon. Did you still want to come with me?"
He did - but he didn't - and it was a bit confusing even to him. Harry didn't want to jinx anything and it took him a moment to answer. He covered by gazing down at Daph's cleavage while his hands moved gently over her back. A soft smile was on his face when he met her eyes and nodded.

"I only hope you'll make it during a busy time so I have something to give Doris to fret over."

Good news - normal - or bad, he needed to be there.
He still wanted to go.

That made her happy, very happy.

Daphne leaned up on tip toe. "I think that can be arranged," she murmured against his lips, tilting her head slightly to kiss him once more. "Wanna watch Blazing Saddles?"