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If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.
- Abraham Sutzkever
Saturday, May 5th ~ Afternoon

Roger grabbed a bottle of ale and set the broom he had just dismounted carefully aside. Looking around he couldn't keep the grin off his face. Some friends, a picnic, a few rounds of Quidditch, and a cold ale to drink - there was no better way to celebrate your birthday in his opinion.

And the best was yet to come.

Roger made his way over to Vera, thinking of the surprise he had enlisted the house elves help in setting up back in his quarters. Roger couldn't stop smiling as he plopped down next to his - hopefully - future wife and gave her a kiss.

"And what have you been up to?"
Severus joined the festivities quietly, and without fuss. He wasn't there to mingle, so much as to reap a bit of vengeance. If Mister Creevey had done as he was told, excellent, if not Severus could still do his part to make Davis' birthday celebration entertaining.

For Severus, at least.

He watched the Quidditch game for a bit, and not that he would ever admit it, but he was enjoying himself. He'd played a little when he was younger, and kept up with the rules for those few occasions when someone needed to step in to referee for Hooch.

The quaffle came flying toward him, and old instincts kicked in. Severus caught the thing full in the chest with both arms and a grunt, and the knowledge that he'd regret that in the morning.

He gestured toward the birthday boy with the ball. "Looks like you misplaced something, Davies!"
Roger followed the path of the quaffle with his eyes, giving a grin as it was caught by bystander - Severus Snape, and that was a bit surprising. He'd been invited, of course, but he hadn't actually thought the man would attend. But then again, he aided and helped with the annual parties at Hogwarts... Roger shrugged.

"I think you all need to lay off the ale a bit if that's the best you can do," he called out to his teammates before rounding to retrieve the ball.

"Good catch," Roger grinned, hovering in front of Severus. "Why don't you grab a broom and join in?" In a much louder tone of voice he added, "This lot's getting to pissed to know which ways up!"
He held the ball out, and then snatched it back out of reach to speak. "I'm perfectly content to watch, Davies. You never know when the most unexpected things might occur."

With an eerie grin, he extended the quaffle once more. "For instance, I know that if I had managed to anger a Potions Master who is known to hold a grudge, I would be much more careful about what I ate or drank on a day like today. Enjoy your gathering, Davies. I know I will."
"Bah-huh?" Roger shot Snape a puzzled - and slightly apprehensive - look. Anger? What had he done that warranted Snape showing up and making vague threats about poisoning on his birthday...

His birthday.


Vaguely he wondered if he should shout for people to drop whatever they were eating or drinking - but he highly doubted Snape would have given him warning. In other words, he had already ingested it. Still, whatever it was musn't be too bad - the entire party was at the same risk as Roger was.

"Let me guess, the photos were a tad over the top? Do we need to start conjuring up buckets?"
"A tad over the top?" Severus laughed.

"You are the man of the hour, Davies. This is just for you."
And yet somehow the last thing Roger felt was honored. He was screwed. Roger frowned - that wasn't Snape's job. It was Vera's. So there. Maybe he should call on her to sic the scary coalition of Hogwarts females on him?

"What did you do? How long have I got left?"
If Severus had been anyone other than Severus, he might have giggled laughed once more.

Instead he smirked, and waved one finger at Davies. "Really, where would the fun be in it, if I told you too many details? I've heard you're an intelligent man, Davies, you'll figure it out I'm sure."

He held up the quaffle once more, then tossed it toward the man on the broom. Without waiting to see if Davies caught it or not, Severus turned and wandered away from the Quidditch pitch.

Severus planned to find a quiet, out of the way spot to keep an eye on Davies for awhile, and then he'd silently slip away. The clinical effects of the potion wouldn't be visible in public - not unless Vector and Davies had suddenly developed some exhibitionist tendencancies - but the true effects, the ones that came from alerting the other man so soon, would be there for a trained eye to see. Severus hoped it would be an interesting show.