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Colin ~ Hogwarts Kitchens ~ Complete

Paying a Debt
Saturday, May 5th ~ Very Early Morning

Espionage was not Colin's forte. Yes, he'd tried to do his part during the War, but he'd learned the hard way that he was not cut out to be a sneaky git. However, Severus Snape was a sneaky git, and also a very, very scary man.

A scary man who had been waiting in Colin's office the other day with a sinister smirk, a small vial, and a reminder that the decorations from the winter staff party had not been forgotten.

Which was why Colin was creeping through the halls of Hogwarts at dawn. He stopped in front of a portrait, tickled the pears, and slipped into the kitchen.

A pack of house-elves froze in place and stared back at him.

"Uh... Right."

It took a bit, but Colin managed to locate one elf who didn't seem too creepy odd, and managed to get his wishes across to the thing. Then he handed over the vial, and slipped back out of the kitchen.
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