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Bella, Narcissa, Severus and Greg ~ Malfoy Manor to Hogsmeade ~ Incomplete

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.
~ Ben Stein
Friday, May 4th ~ Morning

Since Lucius was absent for an extended period on business matters, there was really no hurry. However, having made her mind up, Narcissa wanted to be completely moved and established in her new home before he returned. Mostly because she didn't trust him. Narcissa had no doubt Lucius would take whatever steps he felt were necessary to keep her in their - his home and her skills with a wand were pitiful at best.

For that matter, what's to stop him from simply removing me from the penthouse and depositing me back here again? made a frown appear between her brows. Then and there she decided to ask Draco and Severus for assistance in setting up proper deterrents against that possibility. It wouldn't stop him if he happened to catch her out in the open, but at least she could sleep at night knowing nothing would happen.

She instructed the elves she was taking with her - those that she'd brought to the union - what to pack and what to leave. The furniture in her study as well as all the books, the newly completed nursery furnishings and her clothes. The jewelry would have to be hand sorted, but that could be done at a later time and that which was Malfoy - would be returned.

Satisfied they would follow their instructions, Narcissa took a deep breath and sought out her sister. She didn't relish explaining the situation to her and hoped she could pull it off without Lucius ending up dead. He was still the father of her children.
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