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Vera and Roger • Hogwarts • MA • Complete

Ain't Misbehavin'
Wednesday, May 2 • Early morning

The chime of the clock in the other room sounded midnight, and Vera gave herself one last look-over in the mirror.

She'd begun to notice more fine lines, lately. Oh, the slight wrinkles in the forehead were nothing new — lines of concentration from night after night staring at fields of numbers.

The laugh lines, however. Those were a relatively recent development.

I believe most of these are your fault, Cowboy.

And I suppose each one of them was worth it. Oh, but if I weren't such a kind woman ...

The primary reason for the increase in laughter in her life was waiting — even if he didn't know it quite yet — for the first part of his present.

Finally finished with her primping and pampering, Vera wrapped a white silk robe around herself, slipped into a pair of marabou slippers and went to wake the birthday boy.

"Roger?" Vera sat on the side of the bed and pulled back the duvet just enough to place a kiss on his shoulder.

"Wake up. It's time to go."
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