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Tonks, Bill and Harry ~ The Phoenix ~ Complete

I should really be getting paid for this.
Tuesday, May 1st ~ Early Afternoon

The one good thing about Bill's "condition" was the way he could say he was taking the afternoon off for personal reasons, add a glare or two, and get away without having to answer any questions. All it took today was one quick glance at the calendar by his boss, and there was a flurry of hand waving and "We'll see you on Thursday." Not that Bill made a habit of using the moon as an excuse to play hooky, but the goblins knew he was good for making up the missed time, and letting him go saved the entire department being forced to walk on eggshells in case his temper decided to flare up.

Today he was actually in a fairly decent mood, had been for months really. No more complications with either of the Delacour sisters, no supernatural monsters rampaging through the village to deal with, no inner demons to battle. Just his work, his nutty family, and a little intrigue with Nymph to keep his evenings from being too dull.

Just two years ago, he wouldn't have thought it was possible to be this content with his lot in life.

He walked up to the front steps of the Phoenix and grinned at Tonks. "Hello, Nymph. Your rough, yet exotically attractive, assistant deputy is here." He pulled his badge out of his pocket and flashed it at her quickly.
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