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Vera, Anne and Colin ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair...
Monday, April 16th ~ Late Afternoon

Anne was by nature a patient sort. You had to be in order to counsel people. Improvements didn't occur overnight and if they did - she wouldn't have trusted them. When a couple of weeks had gone by with no word from Charlie, she'd refrained from tracking him down again and decided if she still hadn't heard anything from him in another week - she'd consider it a lesson well learned. That had been over a week ago. Today made it a month since she'd shown up on his doorstep and fallen into his bed.

That'll teach me.

Two jobs or no - that's bloody ridiculous.

Thank Merlin I'm only in lust with the bloke.

Tomorrow it would be five weeks since the interesting evening they'd had playing poker with Tonks and Greg. Anne didn't expect to be wined and dined or flowered to death, but she did expect an owl upon occasion. Instead of brooding, she had a free afternoon and decided to see if any of the people she'd made friends with at Hogwarts were available to...

Hell, I don't know.

Slide down the banisters with me?

Oh, hey! Colin's darkroom.

Now there's an idea.

It was a beautiful April day and she wasn't going to waste it. Closing and locking her office door, Anne set out at a brisk pace toward the castle in the distance.

I wonder if he remembers me pinching his bum and how shocked would Vera be if I asked her to hold him while I did it again?

Anne's merry giggle startled several birds in the tree she passed. Their disapproving noises drew her attention and she had to stick her tongue out at them.

"Oh, bugger off. You're not even close to spoiling my fun."
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