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Telling Draco
Sunday, April 15th ~*~ Late Afternoon

It was late afternoon before Daphne was able to get away from work. Since she took Friday off to spend with Harry, she wanted to make up a few hours. She spent the extra time working on her budget to make sure there was enough money coming in to make it possible to give Miguel a raise and let her hire a new assistant manager.

Dobby met her at the door when she got home to take her coat, and Daphne asked where Harry was. After changing her clothes, she wandered outside to the visit the old shack near the back of the property.

"Harry? Dobby said you were out here doing something. We're not going to be cleaning the gutters again, are we?"
Grinning and dusting his hands off on a rag, Harry walked over and gave her a kiss.

"No gutters until the fall and by then you'll be much too - overbalanced to chance being on the roof with me."

Turning back to the stacks of wood on his bench, Harry picked up a small slab of oak and one of cherry wood to hold out for her inspection.

"Guessing time. Do you think we're going to end up with a Slytherin baby or a Gryffindor baby? I'd like to use cherry, but it will look red after finishing while the oak would be neutral."
"Overbalanced? That's a very tactful way of saying I'll be as big as a house, isn't it?" She smiled to show she was teasing, and looked at the wood.

"Who is to say we'll have either? The baby could end up in one of the other houses. Mother was in Hufflepuff." Daphne tapped the oak with a finger. "It might help if I knew what the wood is going to be for the baby."
Did I ever tell her? I don't think I did.

"I kinda doubt it," Harry advised with a chuckle. "Your dad was in Slytherin, you were in Slytherin and the Sorting Hat almost put me in Slytherin - so the oak it is. Dark or light stain for our baby's cradle?"
Trying to picture Harry in Slytherin was almost impossible for her. "I don't think you would have fit in very well with the Snakes, even if you can talk to the House mascot." She put her arm around his waist, and leaned into him.

"Dark stain could be pretty, especially for... a cradle?" Daphne's eyes got wide as she looked up at him, a bit of awe clearly showing in her expression. "I knew you could make things, I mean the house and ... A cradle! For our baby!"

The very idea of furniture for the nursery hadn't even occurred to her yet, but now that she knew there was going to be a hand-made cradle, Daphne knew that nothing else would work. Whatever it looked like in the end, it would be perfect because Harry had made it for their child.
Kissing the top of her head, Harry drew Daphne over to another work table where he had several sets of plans laid out. Pulling them forward, he flipped them to show the different finished products.

"I'm starting small because I've never actually made any furniture before. I've redone doors and molding for the house, but I did get plans with all the details included, so I'm pretty sure our baby won't end up hitting the floor," he teased lightly.

"Now all I need to know - which one do you like the best? There are two gliders - one with solid ends and one with open ones. The other one is a rocker and shows white and gold, but it can be finished any way you want it."
"They're all pretty, especially the rocker, but the first one," Daphne couldn't keep the excitement out of her voice, and she thought she might start getting teary with joy.

"That first one with the solid ends is beautiful. It's going to be gorgeous when you're through with it. Unless - which one did you like better?"
A deep chuckle sounded in Harry's throat as he drew Daphne closer and kissed her. She still didn't completely understand, but he didn't mind.

"The dark one with the closed ends it is. I didn't have a favorite until now, Mum. Later, if this turns out like it should, I'm going to try my hand at a crib."

Pulling the picture of the cradle closer, he glanced at it before presenting his latest idea to Daphne. He wasn't sure how she'd feel about it, but he had to bring it up now.

"I was thinking of a cradle first because, well... I don't like the idea of the baby being in another room when its tiny and this is small enough to fit beside our bed for the first few months. Until it starts sitting up, of course. Is that alright with you?"
Knowing that there was a good chance that once the baby was born, she wouldn't want to let him or her out of her sight, at least for the first few weeks, Daphne couldn't be anything other than alright with Harry's suggestion. He wanted to keep their little boy or girl close, to keep him extra safe while they were too young to defend themselves.

"I think that would be perfect."

She hesitated for a moment, then asked, "Do you think, when the time comes that we're ready to let Molly know about the baby, that she might be willing to teach me how to knit some things for him? Or her."
While laughing Harry nodded his head. He kept forgetting Daphne hadn't been around Molly Weasley as much as he had.

"You'll be lucky to get a word out of your mouth before she starts suggesting things along those lines. I'm sure she has patterns that haven't seen the light of day for years under the weight of the rest."
There were entirely too many trees out here. Trees full of re-awakening insects which seemed to be woefully neglect of the personal space rule.

For that they must die.

Draco stomped on - Merlin knows what it was, but it had more legs than himself - as it crawled toward him on his route to find Scarhead. His - well, he supposed it was their wedding gift had finally been ready and as it was already far past due, Draco had made the choice to deliver it today rather than wait and bring it to the Phoenix. Dobby had informed him of where his masters could be found and unwilling to wait who only knows how long for them to return, Draco had decided a walk wouldn't kill him.

Of course he hadn't been warned about the bugs. Or the dirt.

Coming to the shed, Draco opted to throw a rock at the wall rather than entering. Who knew what was in there.

"Chop off any vital body parts yet?"
Daphne had thought the day couldn't get any better, even if she was standing out in some old wooden shack that may or may not be ready to fall down at the first large gust of wind, and then she heard his voice and knew she'd been right.

From better to worse in less than two seconds. The temptation to ignore him was there, but Harry would surely want to talk to his friend and nothing short of full-on nudity would probably be good enough to distract him; Daphne wasn't prepared to risk splinters in a tender area just to avoid the bane of her existence.

She smiled at Harry to show that she wasn't too annoyed, and was perfectly willing to play nice for now, and exited the shack quickly.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but everything is still attached and in excellent working order."
"Draco? Out here? In the back of beyond? I never thought I'd see the day you visited my humble little workshop," Harry said while sticking his head out the door. "Daphne? Shall we show Draco what I'm going to be working on or save it until another time?"
This was it. One of those moments fate just dropped in your lap, daring you to reach it. She would have had to have been crazy not to.

Daphne was suddenly all smiles for Malfoy. "He is your best friend, and as such, I think he really should be one of the first to find out our news."

There was a devilish glint in her eye. "I know how happy you were for us, when we got married, so it really does give me so much pleasure to tell you that Harry and I - are going to have a baby, Uncle Draco."
Oh sure. He could get her to the shed, but he couldn't chop her head off?

Too busy scowling at Potter's interjection and brushing - Draco shuddered - something off his arm to respond to the remark about Harry's parts being in working order, it took a few minutes for what the tart was saying to sink in. Completely shocked he looked back up with widened eyes, back and forth between the two.

Quick! Get the kid an air-hose!

Oh dear gods - she's breeding.

But at least half of it would be Harry...

I wonder if there's a spell to up those odds?

"Are you sure it's yours!?!"

Crap - I said that out loud, didn't I?

Judging by Scarhead's face - yes.

"It must be. You're the only one brave enough to go.. in there," Draco pulled a face while making a vague motion in the direction of Daphne. Draco hadn't forgotten the last conversation Harry and himself had had on this topic however.

What the hell is he building? A baby cage?

Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

"No matter how noisy they are you can't keep them in a box, Idiot!"
For about two seconds, Draco was dead and buried. Then he continued with the other comment and Harry realized it was more of the banter Draco and Daphne had established. Harry couldn't fault them for it, he and Snape got along much the same way. He also realized Draco was remembering their conversation on children and it made him want to give the Ferret a noogie for caring.

"Not a box, Draco. A cradle. With built in charms and wards."

He hadn't told Daphne about that part yet and he glanced in her direction.

"Just to be on the safe side."
Must not murder Malfoy. Not until Harry isn't looking.

It took a moment for her to be able to unclench her jaw enough to speak, and by then Harry was talking about the cradle. She forced back the urge to kill, and nodded at her husband.

"I wouldn't want it any other way," she reassured him, before turning back to Malfoy.

He'd taken the news better than she'd expected, actually. It was sadly disappointing. She'd been hoping for at least a look of horror for the "Uncle Draco". Damn.

There was one more thing she could try, and suggesting it would quite likely please Harry - two birds, one stone.

"I just had an idea. I know we haven't talked about it, yet, but ... We're going to need someone we - trust, in case something were to ever happen to us, a godfather for the baby." Daphne looked at Harry to see what he thought of the idea. "What about Draco?"
Visions of his child afraid of ovens, microwaves and televisions sped through Harry's mind and he winced.

But it would be safe.

And well dressed.

"I like that idea. A lot. What do you say, Mister Malfoy? Are you willing to be godfather to a Potter?"
They were being sweet to each other and that was - well, sickening actually - but Harry apparently wasn't panicking and that was unexpected.

Of course he was probably warding the shit out of the cradle.

Hmmm.. Talking of being safe, I need to look up which hexes can and can not be used on preggo here.

This kid isn't going to be able to step outside without setting off fifteen different alarms, I bet.

Draco looked at Daphne in shock as she suggested that he in any way be made partially responsible for a living creature not able to fend for itself. She wanted him to be godfather to her child? Either the Healers had given her the wrong medication or this was some sort of a plot. He started to ask Harry - but the man winced and Draco's eyes narrowed.

His words didn't match however and then he smiled, so Draco threw up his hands in mock surrender. Hee! They asked me to be godfather.

Suck on that Weasel.

I can buy it lots and lots of stuff - Merlin knows the parents have no fashion sense - and feed it sugar and dump it back on its mummy and daddy!


I think the baby needs a tarantula.

"Fine. Why is everyone breeding? Is there something in the water around here? May as well intimidate on the behalf of two instead of just one." Draco blanched and blinked. "There better be just one. We already set terms."
Well, crap. That hadn't worked out at all like she'd hoped.

Where was the disgust? Where were the vehement refusals?

If Malfoy wasn't such a decent spellcaster when he wasn't being a lazy, spoiled arse, Daphne would have faked a seizure or something and insisted the entire thing had been a misunderstanding brought on by low blood sugar.

However, she was aware that accidents happened and there were people out there who would love to see Harry - and those he loved - dead, and Draco could defend himself. Even though she hadn't meant it at the time, Daphne was prepared to live with the consequences.

"It's too early to tell for sure, but we're pretty positive it's just the one. What do you mean on the behalf of two?" Daphne clapped her hands together and singsonged in a sickeningly sweet voice. "Draco, did you figure out how to bend the laws of nature, and if so, who is the lucky man?"
"No arse babies!" Draco shouted as reminders of the last time he'd had this conversation came to mind.

As if it hadn't been traumatizing enough then

"I hate you," Draco muttered in more a normal tone of voice. "What is it with people? It is not an all in one opening! There is no slide! That reminds me - I still need to get you the.. stuff to put in the freezer. Just don't open it. Or give it to anyone. Unless I die and they have a letter written in blood asking for it. And then you better damn well authenticate it."

Pushing his hair back with a loud exhale, Draco looked at Harry. "Remember when you were freaking out? Well, you weren't the only one that needed a drink - apparently I'm going to be a big brother. Inheritance stealing bastard." Draco smiled humorlessly. "Which means my parents had sex. Which I don't need to think about. Looks like Potter and Malfoy will be at school together again."
The no arse babies comment made Harry laugh while a great deal of what followed puzzled the hell out of him.

Stuff? In 'my' freezer? That takes a letter written in blood to get?

Must be a bit of the Black blood coming out in him.

As long as it doesn't include severed hands.

When Draco mentioned him freaking out, Harry snuck a glance at Daphne to see if she'd caught that particular bit of news. He hadn't told her anything about that night and he didn't plan on it. Not anytime soon anyway.

Maybe some day when Draco has someone of his own.

The comment about a Potter and Malfoy going to school together made him smirk.

"Think Hogwarts will still be standing when they're done?"
Another Malfoy.

If that's not a bad thing, I don't know what is.

"Depends on if they're in the same House together, or not."

The very idea of her son or daughter running around with a Malfoy, possibly being friends with a Malfoy...

We'll just have to invite the poor thing over as much as possible. Maybe we can influence a bit, counter act some of the Draconess.
"The castle survived this long, it'll be fine," Draco stated distractedly while digging in his pocket for the shrunken scrolls he had come to deliver in the first place. Pulling them out he frowned and tried to straighten the ribbon after re-enlarging them. "Anyway, not to change the subject," but to totally change the subject - breeding talk is... unnerving, "catch."

Harry caught the scrolls as he tossed them to him. "That's your belated wedding present, took a bit longer to obtain than I had originally thought it would. You remember when we went skiing at my chalet in Switzerland and you were admiring the next property over? Happy wedding or whatever." At least Scarhead seemed to think so, Draco still held doubts. "The owner didn't want to budge but some anonymous tip about embezzlement was turned in and then it was all red tape and courts and..."

Draco pushed his hair back from his face and shrugged. "Pain in my arse, he should have just sold it in the first place. I wonder if his cell is as nice? Serves him right, stubborn wanker."
Unrolling the scrolls, Harry's eyebrows rose.

"Draco this is great."

He was a little concerned about any left over spells the reluctant wizard might have left behind. Before he took Daphne there, he have to check the place over.

"Daphne - this place is gorgeous. Almost as big as Draco's place and the slopes - heaven."
Draco smirked at Greengrass and told her in a sickly sweet voice, "And the best part is, I'm right next door. Just think of all the," Draco paused purposely, "fun we'll have."
Skiing. In the snow. Which is cold.

Visions of broken ankles and shattered wrists filled her head, and Daphne nearly shuddered. Add Malfoy as a neighbor...

"I'm sure it will be lovely, cuddling in front of a fire." To ward off hypothermia.