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Daphne and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

First month anniversary - and it's on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!
Friday, April 13th ~ Morning

When Harry'd checked the calendar for their yearly anniversaries, he hadn't thought to check the monthly ones. Yesterday, the twelfth, he hadn't said anything to Daphne about the upcoming thirteenth, and not because he was afraid she would make fun of him again. He was positive she would.

Dobby had been happy to help, not that Harry let him know it was all a plan to get Daphne to agree to staying at home today. Keeping her there and away from the nasty surprises he was sure were laying in wait outside their front door probably wouldn't be easy. He'd considered sending an owl to the restaurant before she woke up, but wisely decided not to.

Even though we're going to have a baby, and in spite of it being a Friday the thirteenth, the broad smile that crossed his face announced it was a good day, I'd like to keep my bollocks, thankyouverymuch.

The return owl from Doris announced she'd taken care of rearranging his schedule again and it made him chuckle. Now all that was left was persuading his wife. Meandering out to the kitchen, Harry found that Dobby had the breakfast tray ready. Checking to make sure that nothing was on it that had made Daphne nauseous before, he thanked the elf and proceeded to take it upstairs.

Opening the door quietly, he toed off his shoes and sat down with his back against the headboard. Lifting the lid on one of the plates, Harry gently waved his hand over the top and waited to see if the scent would wake her. Since he wasn't dressed in a suit and it was getting close to the time he normally left, he didn't think it would take her long to ask why.
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