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First month anniversary - and it's on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!
Friday, April 13th ~ Morning

When Harry'd checked the calendar for their yearly anniversaries, he hadn't thought to check the monthly ones. Yesterday, the twelfth, he hadn't said anything to Daphne about the upcoming thirteenth, and not because he was afraid she would make fun of him again. He was positive she would.

Dobby had been happy to help, not that Harry let him know it was all a plan to get Daphne to agree to staying at home today. Keeping her there and away from the nasty surprises he was sure were laying in wait outside their front door probably wouldn't be easy. He'd considered sending an owl to the restaurant before she woke up, but wisely decided not to.

Even though we're going to have a baby, and in spite of it being a Friday the thirteenth, the broad smile that crossed his face announced it was a good day, I'd like to keep my bollocks, thankyouverymuch.

The return owl from Doris announced she'd taken care of rearranging his schedule again and it made him chuckle. Now all that was left was persuading his wife. Meandering out to the kitchen, Harry found that Dobby had the breakfast tray ready. Checking to make sure that nothing was on it that had made Daphne nauseous before, he thanked the elf and proceeded to take it upstairs.

Opening the door quietly, he toed off his shoes and sat down with his back against the headboard. Lifting the lid on one of the plates, Harry gently waved his hand over the top and waited to see if the scent would wake her. Since he wasn't dressed in a suit and it was getting close to the time he normally left, he didn't think it would take her long to ask why.
Warm and comfortable, and not quite ready to wake up and face the day, Daphne was perfectly content to sleep a bit longer. But something smelled good, and her treacherous stomach took a moment to consider what sort of mood it was in that morning before settling on could do with a bite to eat, thanks.

"Either I fell asleep in the kitchen, or someone brought breakfast to bed." She really hoped that someone was a handsome brunette with green eyes and a scar, and not a short bug-eyed elf, or there was going to be buttered toast stuck to that someone's head. Dobby was not the first thing Daphne wanted to see in the morning.

Any morning.

She opened her eyes and offered Harry a grateful smile. "Tell me you have some tea?"

As she moved to sit up, and tuck the sheet across her chest and under her arms, Daphne noticed that Harry wasn't dressed for work. "Breakfast in bed and casual wear - What's the occasion?"
Scooting closer so the tray could rest on both their laps, Harry poured each of them a cup of tea before handing her a glass of juice and picking up the other one. He held it up as if in a toast.

"I should be shocked and appalled that you don't instantly know what day this is, Mrs. Potter. It's our anniversary. One month today - and they said it'd never last. Guess we showed them, huh?"
In her defense, without some sort of caffeine or a long, hot shower, and having just woken up, it was excusable that Daphne hadn't remembered the date. At least, in her mind it was.

Would I have allowed Harry the same excuses if our situation were reversed? Of course not. She smiled as she tinked her glass against his.

"What can I ever do to make up for my momentary forgetfulness, Mister Potter?"
Drinking a good half of his juice before setting it down again, Harry narrowed his eyes and tapped his chin.

"Well, doing justice to this wonderful repast I brought you would be good for starters. Then you could take the day off from work and we could open those gifts that have been sitting in my office since last Saturday - because I know we need to get some thank you owls sent out before we get any howlers from Molly and your mum about our manners."

He grinned and gave her a quick kiss.

"After that - we could discuss what a wonderful anniversary gift you have for me."
Gift? Daphne hadn't even thought about getting him a gift. With everything that had been going on recently, the wedding, the baby...

Admit it? Or fudge it and hope inspiration strikes later? Taking the day off, as he asked, would probably go a long way toward making up for it.

If nothing else, there was the old standby of cleavage, that usually helped to get her out of a pickle as far as Harry was concerned.

One month. It was hard to believe it was already the thirteenth of April. Friday, the thirteenth.

With a smile, she reached for a piece of toast and nodded. "I suppose I could owl in for the day, I am the boss and it is a special occasion. I do have a question. Am I going to have to stay safely tucked into bed until it's no longer the thirteenth, or will I get to go down stairs to open the presents and write the thank you notes?"
Realizing he was being humored, Harry stuck his tongue out at her before smiling. He'd expected something and as long as she went along with his phobia, he didn't care how much she teased.

"Well... I'd have to help you down the stairs - and you promise not to cut your fingers on the paper - I suppose it would be safe. Just don't try to go out the front door," he said with a wink while picking up a slice of toast and smearing jam on it.
"Brat," Daphne laughed, hitting him lightly in the arm.

"Oh, jam." She leaned over and snagged a bite of his toast before giving her piece its own sticky sweet covering.

"You know, since we're so concerned about safety today, you should probably join me in the shower after breakfast. Just to be safe."

Going to have to find a few new phobias to have her humor me over, Harry decided with a smirk before leaning over and stealing a jam flavored kiss.

"That way I can make sure my present doesn't get bruised," he whispered near her ear before nipping the lobe.
His present? Wha - Oh.

Harry could be such a sweetheart, sometimes. It was one of the things that had made her fall in love with him in the first place.

She shivered when he nipped her ear, tossed her toast in the direction of her plate, and turned her head to kiss him. If she missed and jam ended up all over the bed and both of them - well, it wasn't like they weren't planning to take a shower anyway.
While Harry trusted Draco's call at the party, he didn't trust Lestrange. At all. Therefore, when he'd transported the gifts to his study, hers had already been inside a tightly sealed ward. And on second thought, the one from Draco's mother had been put under one just as stringent. After all, who knew what sort of nastiness they could contain under a stasis spell with a timer of sorts attached. The two gifts from the ancient House of Black stood by themselves on a table far removed from the other gifts they'd been given.

As he entered his study, Harry's eyes moved in their direction. If he could have gotten away with it, he would have opened them by himself, far removed from the house. Biting his tongue against suggesting it now, he glanced over at Daph.

Everyone knows they gave us gifts...

If we die - they'd know who to blame.

Still wouldn't bring us back.

"Shall we start with the safe ones or do you want to try a little walk on the possibly dangerous side of the room?"
She nibbled on a thumb nail and looked back and forth between the two sets of gifts.

"If we go with the safe ones first, I'll keep wondering what the other gifts are. I mean, what can possibly top a hand in a jar?"
Exactly what I'm afraid of, Harry thought while nodding his head and walking toward the two gifts. Raising his wand to lower the wards - he just couldn't do it. There was too much at stake to risk it and his wand lowered before he turned to look at Daphne.

"I don't care how much fun you make of me later. In fact I really hope these two gifts hold nothing more dangerous than a manicure set you can hold over my head for the next fifty years, but I can't just open them like they're ordinary gifts from ordinary people - because they're not."

Walking back over to her, Harry ran a hand over his face.

"How about this. We stand over here - me with my wand drawn to throw up whatever we might need to block whatever is in them - and you use your wand to open them - kind of a reverse wrapping spell."
Tempting as it was to tease him, Daphne couldn't. One of her hands settled flat against her stomach protectively.

"Alright." Daphne pulled out her wand and moved closer to Harry. "Let me know when you're ready."
The feelings were familiar, fight or flight, but the setting wasn't. His gut tightened while breathing increased just the slightest amount when the adrenaline was released into Harry's system. The furniture in here wasn't adequate to draw in front of Daphne to offer any sort of a shield in case he failed.

Failure is not an option.

I could keep my left hand around her waist and try to pull her behind me...

Better yet - a half shield now.

Putting up a ward that reached his waist, Harry explained.

"I've put up a general purpose ward between us and them. It's about waist high so if we have to - we can duck."

Now that preliminary precautions had been taken, he was free to focus on the packages.

"Let me know which one you're going to start on."
Swallowing hard, Daphne pointed her wand. "I'm not ready for Bellatrix's just yet. Let's do the other one first?"

That way she would have a chance to practice the spell on something that would be a tad less likely to explode/attack/eat them.

Suddenly grateful for Harry's paranoia preparedness, Daphne took a deep breath and cast the spell, ready to duck behind the ward at the first sign of anything odd.
When the parcel from the Malfoys revealed only gold trimmed goblets, Harry was relieved. But only for a moment.

What if they're spelled to emit poison into any liquid contents or something.

Harry knew he was overreacting and didn't give a shit.

I'll have Dobby 'accidentally' break the lot at some point.

Glancing over at Daphne, he smiled.

"One down - one to go."
Unbelievably tense, Daphne knew she should have been relieved that the goblets - which were very pretty and probably cost a small fortune - weren't exploding and raining glass-shardy death or anything, but one did not underestimate a Malfoy.

We can put them in a display cabinet in the dining room. And then lose the key.

She nodded at Harry, too uneasy to smile, and raised her wand to unwrap the second gift.

The box fell away to expose a lovely ceramic vase. "Do you think there might be something, you know, in it?"
And wasn't that a let down, but in an entirely good way.

"Well, I don't know. She gave you a severed hand before as a thank you gift. It doesn't look new - maybe an antique - so I guess it would depend on what she considered appropriate to display in a vase. Can you levitate it and turn it over from here or do you want to duck down while I do it?" Harry asked with a frown.
No way in Hades was she letting Harry go anywhere near it until they were both sure it was safe. Or at least safe-ish.

"I'll do it."

The tip of her tongue got caught between her teeth as she very carefully twitched her wand. The vase swayed slightly and then rose up; tipping first to the side so that anything inside would slide out, and then turning toward them.

The vase was empty.

"Huh," Daphne muttered as she carefully returned the vase to the table, right side up once again.

"Well, short of stuffing a flower in it to see if that set something off, I'm at a loss. Think it's safe to open the rest now? After I get something to drink and a snack."

Escaping to the kitchen would give her a moment or two to calm her nerves out of Harry's sight, as well. Now that the possible threat had been dealt with, Daphne felt a little jittery and didn't want him to notice.
"Sounds good. While you get us a snack, I'll make sure these two wonderful gifts get the proper storage they deserve so they don't get broken," Harry said while lowering the ward he'd placed in front of them and watching Daphne leave his study.

Bill. Bill would be a good one to finish checking them out.
They were down to the last gift, after opening the robe and nightie set from Vera, and even though they hadn't been doing anything more strenuous than opening presents, Daphne was edging toward sleepy.

She'd promised the doctor that she'd cut back on her caffeine, which she had, so there was only the tiniest twinge of a guilty conscience when Dobby brought her the first soda she'd had in a week.

Daphne shifted, nibbling on something that Roger had given them. It tasted like cheesecake to her. "Do I want to ask why they're called Potter Treats?"
Popping one of the bone shaped cheesecakes in his mouth, Harry shook his head. After swallowing and taking a sip of soda, he chuckled.

"Just chalk it up to Roger's strange sense of humor," he said with a grin. "We'll all live longer that way."

Picking up the last gift he frowned and handed it to Daphne.

"Didn't you already open one from Vera?"
"Mmhhhmm, and if you're a good boy I'll probably even put it on for you this weekend," was her reply as she carefully eased the colorful ribbon off the rolled up scroll.

Daphne's breath caught as she realized what Vera had given them.

She'd made them a natal chart for the baby. Arithmancy was a subject that Daphne had never been any good at, and the work that Vera had done here was far to advanced for her to follow, but Daphne treasured it just the same.

Her fingers brushed against the birth date - December 9th. "A Friday's child is loving and giving," she whispered.

They moved lower to the parts about how the numbers said their baby would grow up, safe and sound.

She plucked a small square of paper with sticky back off the parchment and laughed when she read that Vera had been careful not to tell them what sex the baby would be, although if they wanted to know...
"Don't count on it staying on long," Harry muttered and then gave Daphne an innocent smile before his attention turned to the scroll. He knew from the other charts she'd done that Vera did an amazing job, but this one was personal and quite beautiful with all the different colors.

Daphne apparently told Vera when she told her mum.

He wasn't sure he was happy to know the exact date, but he was reassured to know an outside source confirmed their child would have at least a chance at a normal life.

"I'd like to make a frame for this if you don't mind, so we can hang it in the nursery. She put a lot of time and effort into this. It'd be a shame to stuff it away in a drawer somewhere."

More time than she should have had in order to get this ready?

"Daph? Exactly when did Vera find out we were going to have a baby?"
"Could we? That would be lovely." Daphne was still smiling down that the scroll.

A small reference had caught her eye. The chart had been explaining little details, all vague but reassuring, and it mentioned how this child would get along well with the others. The others? Other - other children? Our children?

Daphne blinked rapidly, convinced she must have understood it wrong, and yet there was the hope that she hadn't.

Then Harry asked when Vera had found out, and his tone drew her attention away from the chart and any hidden meaning it may have held.

Uh oh.

"Remember when I told you and you had asked if I was sure, and I said I'd gone to the Healer the day before? I couldn't go alone, I just couldn't, and I didn't know - at the time - how you were going to react to the thought of a pregnancy. I was scared, and I just didn't want to be alone, in case, well, either way really. She went with me to the Healer, but Vera won't tell anyone until we're ready for them to find out, you know Vera."

Daphne reached for his hand. "I didn't even think to tell you before now. I'm sorry."
Harry'd been reading over Daphne's shoulder while she'd been so engrossed in the chart and he was pleased to see that their child would apparently make friends easily.

Good for him - her - yeah.

At the moment he was more interested in why Vera had known about the baby ahead of him. Once Daphne explained, his ruffled feathers calmed down enough for him to nod his head.

"I can understand you not wanting to go alone," Harry said while tightening his grip on her hand and pulling her forward into his arms for a quick kiss.

"Now, if we're all done with the gifts, what say we take a break and let Dobby clean up the mess? A nap sound like a good idea? Then we can celebrate more later."
"All done." She was relieved that he wasn't upset. She really hadn't wanted to keep him in the dark, but at the time telling him just seemed to be asking for more trouble than it was worth.

She carefully set the scroll to the side and stood. "Last one in bed is a rotten egg."

Then she ran for it.