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Sometimes dreams come true, whether you're ready or not.
Tuesday, April 3 ~*~ Late Afternoon

It was difficult to believe that it had only been a few days since they last found themselves having tea in this office. Daphne could have sworn so much had changed since then, but in reality very little had.

She and Vera had gone to see the healer Vera had recommended, and after a brief - but extremely tense for Daphne - wait the verdict was in.

Daphne poured tea for Vera, and handed her the cup. "Thank you, again, I really don't know if I would been able to go through today on my own. I thought once I found out, that would be it and I could go on with everything, but finding out just opened up all these other concerns, you know?" She glared at her own glass which held water instead of tea or her usual soda. "Not to mention new rules I have to try to follow."

Her glare turned back into a grin as one hand drifted down to pat her tummy affectionately. "Only another eight more months or so and then I can have my blessed soda back."
That had been less of an ordeal than Vera had secretly feared; no glances of recognition from the nurses or unwelcome follow-up questions from the Healer.

And, of course, the outcome was much happier this time.

"Can you have it again right after, or will caffeine be restricted if you breast feed?" Vera asked as she accepted the cup. "Or are you going to use formula?"

She stopped herself, flushed, and smiled apologetically.

"And of course you don't have to have that decided any time soon, particularly in the first hour of even knowing, so — ignore me, please. It's just so much to take in — I can't imagine — congratulations again, Daphne."
"Breastfeeding. That's another thing on the list of stuff to worry about, isn't it?" She glared at her untouched water once more.

"Thank you, Vera. I'm not positive it's all sunk in yet. Now I just have to find the right way to tell Harry, and then everyone else. I'd like to let our friends know personally, rather than let them find out through gossip. Did I tell you about the howler Molly Weasley sent us because she found out we were married from someone else at a market?"
Vera winced, imagining.

"I don't know who to feel worse for, her or the two of you. But I would guess that any upset she felt will be forgotten completely once she finds out she's going to be an honorary grandmama."

She crossed her legs and settled back. "You'll have time. Time to tell everyone the way you like and the time to get used to the idea, so soon enough you'll be impatient for the months to pass so you can say hello to your son or daughter."

Time to plan a spectacular baby shower that would involve neither an elf nor a wig.

"And Harry will be right there with you the whole time." There was no question in Vera's mind about that.
"You make it sound so easy and nice." And reassuring. "I want everything to go perfectly when I tell Harry."

Daphne reached for a biscuit and happily nibbled on it. "I'm thinking I'll stay home tomorrow, give Dobby the night off, cook a lovely meal, candles, soft music, wear something pretty, maybe sit on his lap ... "

Hopefully things would go well, Daphne had a feeling they would, but there was still that tiny hint of nervousness every time she thought about it.

"Of course that plan won't work for telling Izabel or Rose, not without making Remus terribly jealous, I'm sure."
"Well, can you blame him?" Vera asked archly. "I've been shopping with you — I know what sort of 'pretty things' you could wear."

She chuckled slightly and set down her cup and saucer, leaning forward to place a hand on Daphne's arm.

"Telling Harry will go fine. This is an immensely good thing — and everything else will fall away in the face of that."
"Oh, Vera," Daphne sniffled, suddenly tearing up. "You don't know what it means to me to hear someone say that."

She dabbed at her eyes with one of the linen napkins and smiled. "Thank you."