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Marriage has no guarantees.
If that's what you're looking for, go live with a car battery.
~ Erma Bombeck
Sunday, April 1st ~ Morning

Following Daphne around the house that morning, Harry was trying to figure out exactly what was going on. She'd appeared nervous and the more he followed her, the more nervous she got.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, he watched while she fiddled with something.

"Daph? Are you alright?"
Damn it. The kitchen was supposed to be her sanctuary, her safety net. That was before you got married and moved into Harry's house, idiot.

She looked down at the kitchen towel twisted up in her hands, and carefully smoothed it straight and put it away.

"Actually, I'm not. I have to tell you something, something that's been eating away at me for awhile now. I don't really know how to say this, Harry."
A number of things went through Harry's mind about what she could be talking about - the most pleasant thought being she was pregnant - while his stomach took a dive bomb.

She wants children - but this has been worrying her apparently. So - hell who knows?

"Well - whatever it is - I'm already sitting down so - what is it?"
Sitting down was good. She would have sat down too, but Daphne suspected she might need to be standing up for this.

"The thing is, and please, don't take this the wrong way, because I really did not plan for this to happen." She nibbled on the nail of her thumb for a second while she searched for the words.

"Well, when we were fighting, and sort of broken up, you had Mister Snape picking me up every night to take me home, and ... we talked, at first about nothing, and then about you and I, and then... Well, we got to know each other and one thing sort of led to another..."
One thing sort of led to another....

"What the fuck does that mean exactly?" Harry asked as he and his voice rose.
Uh oh. Should have hidden in a room with less pointy things.

Daphne moved to put the island between them.

"It means that I might sort of love him and I think I'mleavingyouforSeverusSnapeifhewantsme," she spit the words out quickly.
A gurgle sounded in Harry's throat and his mouth opened once or twice before his arse hit the seat again.

"You can't be serious."

He shook his head and then slapped himself.

"I'm having a nightmare, right?"

He didn't look well. Daphne rushed to make him a glass of cold water before venturing to his side of the room to put it on the table near his arm.

"I am serious. Not that I don't love you, Harry. I do. But my feelings for Mister Snape are so different. Ever since I was in school and he was the Head of Slytherin, that voice, those robes... When we finally had a chance to talk, really talk, it just happened. I wonder if Ginny's going to be a problem?"
Shock was quickly turning to anger as he stared at the glass of water Daphne'd brought him.

"What am I supposed to do with that? Splash it in my face?"

She "loves" me - but wants him?

That is so wrong on so many levels,
Harry decided before standing and heading for the foyer.

"Doesn't matter if Ginny would be a problem or not. Once the lying son-of-a-bitch is dead - neither of you will have a problem. Oh, so noble teacher who was only worried about one of his students - fucking arsehole. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him! Probably was planning this - bloody hell!"

Harry spun on his heel and grabbed Daphne by her arms.

"Did he give you anything to drink?"
Her eyes were wide with confusion and worry. "He might have, I can't remember. What does that matter?"

She brightened slightly, completely missing the point Harry had been trying to make. "Do you really think he was thinking of me like that before?"
"It matters," Harry growled and started dragging her along.

"And don't make me ill talking about what he was thinking about - about my wife, damn it! Even if you weren't then - you were still mine!"

Harry knew he wasn't making much sense, but he really didn't give a damn.

"We're going to go see a certain Potions Master about what the hell is going on and we're going now!"
Harry wasn't happy, but she'd known he wouldn't be. That was why she hadn't wanted to tell him.

On the other hand, they were going to see Mister Snape. Severus would surely explain things better than she had, he'd make Harry understand how their love could not be denied.

Maybe, after things had settled down a bit, Ginny and Harry could comfort each other? She would have to suggest that to Severus at some point.
"Now that the ... distractions ... are out of the way, my darling Dark One, shall we return to the back for Round Two? The sport has roused my blood — prepare yourself."

She lifted the hem of her peignoir and grandly stepped over the rounded limb of one of her fallen competitors, some few of whom littered the area leading to the back room of the Apothecary.

Poor things. They had no chance at all.

Bellatrix Lestrange always got her man.
I should have done this decades ago. Don't like me? Have a drink and tell me all about it. Want to kill me? Let's toast to it, then duel.

Must remember to send Narcissa a thank you for giving me this idea.

Severus looked at the pitcher full of laced pumpkin juice with something close to fondness.

Bellatrix wasn't his first choice for a lover. Or his second. Or even on the list, really. But when a man's choices were death or dalliance, it really isn't a difficult decision.

Plus, she was rather good at getting rid of some of the more annoying twits that had been plaguing his life of late.

"I'm not sure one can properly prepare oneself for you, Bellatrix, but I shall do my best."
Apparating directly outside Snape's shoppe, Harry wasted no time tugging Daphne inside. Not seeing anyone at first he strode toward the back and stopped when a set of legs - with scorch marks on them - drew his attention to a side aisle.

"Tonks! What the - and Vera?"

A noise from the back drew his attention and he started gagging and choking at the same time while dropping Daphne's arm and pointing. He couldn't get the words out, but they were running freely in his mind.

Lestrange in a nighty and - Snape?

And she's - and he's letting her?


This is a nightmare!

I knew it!
That was not fair! What was Bellatrix doing with Severus? That was just - not right.

Daphne heard Harry choking, and while she knew they couldn't be together anymore because she loved Severus now, she still cared for him and didn't want him to suffer or die. She poured a glass of juice, pouting all the while, and handed it to Harry.

"Here. Drink this, and then you have to help me get her away from him." She very much wanted to call the other woman a tramp, but Daphne had seen the bodies and wasn't about to end up dead, thank you very much. She might not be very good with her wand, but she had Harry for back up.
Taking the glass and draining it, Harry shook his head when a wave of dizziness washed over him.

Why was I here again?

"Snape. Here to kill him. I think?"

As Harry's eyes rose, they fell on the other pair.
He'd heard someone come in, but Bellatrix did have him pinned against something and it took a moment to figure out was interrupting them.

Severus watched Potter drink the juice as if in slow motion, the warning coming to his lips too late to do any good.

Screw it. I've been through worse.

"Bellatrix, my deadly spider, we have company. We should really see what they want."

As if there's any question. Or at least, once he starts feeling the effects there shouldn't be.
As she tasted the salt of Snape's neck, Bellatrix could see the pulse of life. She could feel the heat under the skin.

She was not amenable to interruptions.

Her lips curled as she became aware of their audience.

"More foreplay?"
Harry was unaware that his perspective had changed. He only knew one thing. Someone other than him had their hands - and mouth - on Snape and he wasn't all that thrilled about it. His wand appeared in his hand quite quickly.

Damn it.

Sharing him with Daphne is one thing - but her?

He seems to like her attentions, so I probably shouldn't kill her...

Dark Lord thing - use the Dark Lord thing.

"Unless you care to join the ladies out front, dear Bella, I'd suggest you be prepared to share."
"Share? Yes, that's a fascinating idea." That didn't involve spending the rest of eternity solely in Bellatrix's clutches.

Severus looked down at her, and admitted that whether she was trying to kill him or lick him, Bellatrix was a very scary woman.

Then there was Potter. What to do with him? I'm sure you'll come up with something, Severus. Don't giggle.

He leaned back against the wall and spread his arms wide, feeling in charge of his own life for the first time in decades, and more than a little giddy. "There's plenty of me to adore. Worship me. Make me your king."