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Every time I close the door on reality,
it comes in through the windows.

Tuesday, March 27th ~ Morning

As Harry sat looking across his desk at Doris - who was droning on and on about things that supposedly needed his immediate attention - he was having a pleasant little daydream about being at home, in bed with his wife. Until his elbow - which had been used to support his head - fell asleep and threatened to collapse. He blinked his eyes, straightened up and shook his arm awake off to the side.


Another piece of paper was laid on top of the stack she'd already placed on the desk top and her mouth kept moving.


And yet another one joined it and the words were flowing faster than he could keep up with.

A bit startled, Doris stopped talking and stared at him.

"For Merlin's sake, Harry. I'm right here, you don't have to yell. It's not like I'm deaf, but I do have a distinct ringing in my ears now, thank you very much. Well, what is it?"
Alright - when did that happen?

We're back to nice comfortable, friendly "Harry" are we?

What happened to the "Mr. Potters" that were being thrown in my direction every time I turned around?

Clearing his throat slightly, Harry pulled out the crumpled owl she'd sent him earlier that morning indicating there was something of vital importance he needed to take care of at the school.

"What exactly did you have in mind when you sent me this owl? Nothing I've seen or heard here is - how did you put it?" he asked while trying to straighten it out on his desk.
She knew exactly what she'd put in the owl and wasn't about to have it read back to her. Laughing lightly, Doris snatched it out from under his hands and stuffed it in her bra.

"Oh, that. I overreacted just a touch I'm afraid and it's been taken care of, but while you're here - you might as well work on these things I've brought you. Should I schedule your classes starting tomorrow?"
In the course of keeping two offices, inevitably some things wanted in one place would have to be fetched from another. Given the curiosity of teenagers, Lupin found it prudent to keep the more interesting of the Dark Magic items he'd managed to accumulate at the Phoenix. Less to worry about all around.

Which meant that when it came time to teach the Sixth Years how to defend against advanced memory tampering, Remus had to run down to town to fetch the Mask of Lethe — and came across a rather stiff and unresponsive Doris.

He gathered from some of the things the witch said that their boss was in his office, and decided his lesson plans needed no further fine-tuning at the moment.

"Harry?" Remus knocked and poked his head around the door. "I just got asked by Doris what I had against sharing cake. Welcome back?"
Raising his head from the current absolutely unnecessary form he was laboring over, Harry motioned for the seat in front of his desk.

"I didn't intend on being back until tomorrow - so - thanks? You too, huh? I guess that probably means Snape and Draco will be getting the same treatment. Ron's lucky he's out of town."

Tossing down the quill he'd been using, Harry stood and then stretched before sitting down again. Casting a glance toward his door as if it would open and realms of papers would come flying in if he so much as moved away from his desk; Harry lowered his voice and asked, "Where is she exactly?"
Lupin looked warily at the connecting door before moving to take the offered chair.

"I'd ask why you came back early, but I think I can guess." Keeping a straight face, Remus subtly indicated with his hand that Doris was right there in her office, so on the whole they'd better not rock the boat.

"How was it?"
From the few words Draco had managed to catch from Doris that weren't about cake and bouquets (and why the hell would Draco want some scraggly, weedy things hurled by Greengrass?), Draco knew that Harry had been recalled into duty and was in the building. The man had returned from his honeymoon, and while the tart wasn't the company Draco would take on a two week fun jaunt, he was fairly certain that Harry had somehow managed to have some manner of fun regardless.

Leaving the others to cover his absence. Which meant more work. For Draco.

That was not on!

Scarhead had his fun, now it was Draco's turn. Hearing footsteps in the hall, Draco hissed last minute instructions under the table and schooled his expression to one of boredom as he studied the paperwork in front of him.

See if you run off and leave us to run things after this!
Funny how everything can change so quickly, isn't it.

You don't know the half of it, Remus.

"I know," Harry said with a chuckle as they entered the break-room and he saw Draco at the table.

"Draco! Doris has you slaving away too I see!"

Turning to look at Remus, he asked, "Do you want a soda or tea or..."
"No, I'm fine, thank you."

Remus paused to inspect a notice from Doris on the board and shook his head before sitting down.

"New office-supply requirements? Harry, I hope for all our sakes you did get Doris something nice while you were gone. I can only imagine what the past few days have been like here."
Popping into the foyer before Remus and Draco appeared, Harry tossed his jacket at the coat rack and started to leave to find Daphne. A grin appeared on his face and he chuckled before his hands moved to cup his mouth.

"Honey! I'm home!"

Always wanted to do that since I saw those sit-coms. Wonder if she's seen any of them?
Dobby was confused and wasted no time in letting Mr. Harry Potter know it as he appeared in front of him.

"Does Mr. Harry Potter, Sir wish Dobby to answer to the name of Honey?"
"Good Gods, no!" Harry yelled before he could stop himself.

"I mean - no. I was calling for Daphne, Dobby, not you."
Draco stomped back into Glen Hollow, not bothering to check his boots for mud - it'd serve Potter right - and headed straight for the nearest bar. First lunch with the tart, then the 'tour'. What the fuck was so interesting about wood, dust and unappealing scents?

Absolutely nothing, that's what.

They'd blathered on about various things while Draco had been bored - what the bloody hell was wrong with these people?!?! Dimensions and pipes - at one point he swore they had actually stopped to watch paint dry.

You hired peons to do stuff like that! And you certainly didn't inflict your strange obsession through mind numbing boredom on your friends acquaintances by verbal re-enacting every last fucking step!

His present better be big.

If not, the board he'd shove up their arses would be.

Bitey Boy and Vamp Bait were shacking up then. Lovely. Perhaps he'd hire someone to fence the place in.

Scotch would make it better.

And a bribe. He'd better get his bribe present.
The Sixth Years would be waiting, which is why Remus had made the impromptu tour so brief; he had to return to Hogwarts shortly. Not to mention the fact that what he and Izabel had discussed was still too new to bring up casually, especially given the last chat he and Harry had had — and so he'd been deliberately vague as to what all would be on the second floor.

"That was the lot of it, then." Remus said as he followed Draco into the den. "I'll try to keep the wild parties to a minimum once it's completed so you two won't be too disturbed by your new neighbors."
Daphne giggled at the idea. "Chances are we'll be much more disturbed by Dobby and his girlfriend, than by any parties."

She quickly looked around to make sure the elf hadn't come running when she mentioned its name.

"I was sort of hoping we'd be invited to those parties, anyway."