April 21st, 2007

Bill and Tonks • Hog's Head • Complete

Crimes have been swept aside
Somewhere where they can forget
Saturday, April 21 • Evening

"Anyway, I've been meaning to have you come along for an information session, but every time I try to schedule an appointment I'm told Harry's unavaliable after 5, and I doubted the goblins would let you come and play early. I could put my foot down, play the Auror card with more force — probably should, before I can be accused of favoritism — but pfft. He's a newlywed, and won't have his brain back where it can help an investigation for Merlin knows how long."

And it wasn't like there wasn't a backlog of other cases that needed her attention just as much.

Tonks shrugged and drew her knees up. She had her back to the wall, sitting sideways in what had become their usual booth. As she reached over to select a rapidly cooling chip out of the heaping pile left on the plate, her glance fell on the shiny golden star in Bill's hands.

"You should pin it on your shirt. Let people know who they're dealing with."