April 8th, 2007

looking down

Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever

Sunday, April 8th ~ Before Daybreak

Unable to sleep and not wanting to wake Daphne, Harry had lain awake for what seemed like hours. The light from the moon let him watch her and when a smile or a sigh would penetrate the veil of sleep that held her - he'd wonder what or whom she was dreaming about.

Our son?

Our daughter?


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Remus and Sirius • Grimmauld Place • Complete

Do you remember anyone here?
No, you don't remember anything at all
I'm sleeping, I'm flat on my back
Never woke up, had no regrets
Monday, April 8 • Evening

A cleaning service retained after the War had prevented Grimmauld Place from sinking into disrepair a second time once the Order had finished cleaning it up.

Would that something similar could be arranged for me, Sirius thought as he paged through what passed as one of his journals from ... before.

He hadn't been much inclined to writing, it seemed. The basics he could piece together, from the journal and from listening to people over the past year — what his parents had been like, which spare bedroom at Godric's Hollow had been "his," the names of some of the people he'd dated — but little of what he knew seemed real. Seemed his.