March 3rd, 2007


Severus and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

“I hope, that in the end, we acknowledge that we should be advisers, mentors, teachers and coaches.
And when it comes to family and individual decisions, not be the all-knowing father figure of the past.
We must care about them; care about them passionately.
We must care about them, not for them.”

~ Charles Abell

Saturday, March 2nd - Early Afternoon

After much consideration, Severus decide there was no point in putting off talking to Potter any longer than necessary. He had already committed himself to spending the night watching the Wolf at the Shrieking Shack, why not top the day off with a quick visit to the Boy Who Grew Up To Be The Thorn In His Side and tell him to stay the hell away from Draco. Get all the annoying errands run at the same time.

Which is how he found himself knocking on the door of Glen Hollow and asking the elf to find Mister Potter and let him know Severus Snape was there for a "visit".

Izabel, Severus, Sirius and Remus • The Shrieking Shack • Complete

You and I - may kill ourselves
You and I - go straight to hell
Saturday, March 3 • Dusk

Up before dawn, simply because of restlessness and not because the moon called and would not be denied. Out to the woods, to fell trees and split lumber with an axe, not a wand.

Neither rocks nor words helped to drive the black dog off during the day's toil, but if Sirius wasn't smart enough to take care of himself, so be it. Ropes and a stunner served to make sure Lupin's trip toward Hogsmeade, when at last it came time, was made alone.

Remus slipped inside the Shrieking Shack, well before dark fell, to fashion a cage amidst the dust and shadows.

Bone-weary, half dead ... and knowing it hadn't done any good at all, that within hours the wolf would still be at full strength. He could feel its eagerness.

Draco, Dobby and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

If this relationship thing is going to work, then it goes both ways.
You have to tell me why we're committing a felony before we do it.
Not that that's going to stop us, but at least I'll have all the facts, okay?
- Gilmore Girls
Saturday, March 3rd ~ Evening

Draco stood in his foyer, preparing to apparate to Glen Hollow for dinner - and not entirely sure that he should. The expected note saying something along the lines about 'how drunk he had been and what the hell had they done because he didn't recall a thing' had never come. Or one saying 'whoops' or any variation thereof that Draco had been anticipating.

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