February 27th, 2007


Rose and Daphne ~ Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

Every ending is a new beginning.
Tuesday, February 27th ~ Early evening

Rose finished her shift and said goodnight to the other employees. Part of her wanted to just go home and the rest knew that she had to talk to Daphne. Tonight.

Becky had mentioned she'd been looking tired, and it was true. Between her job here at the restaurant, her work with Hagrid, and spending her nights with him there wasn't much time for resting. Something had to give.

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Harry and Remus • Glen Hollow • Complete

I can't sleep 'cause my bed's on fire
Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire
Tuesday, February 27 • Evening

The moon had transitioned into the first quarter, and now waxed fuller each night. With it, the remnants of the werewolf heart still swimming in Lupin's blood grew in power.

Or, at least, so Remus hoped.

It was possible, after all, that the memories floating through his head now at times — peering into windows, stalking a child, rending flesh, closing in on Rose, biting Bill, the night he himself was bitten — were pure invention, a melange of phantom smells and sights produced by a sick and ailing mind, and not the lingering legacy of Greyback.

Books indicated that the blackouts and ill temper that he could not control as well as before were a lingering symptom of the heart, which kept its power as a poison from one full moon to the next. Collapse )

Izabel and Severus ~ Owls ~ Complete

Concerned Correspondent

Tuesday, February 27th ~ Evening

Izabel never had been much good at lying or at sending cryptic messages. After three crumpled and then torn up sheets of parchment, she didn't even try. If it fell into someone else's hands the most she could do was make it appear they wrote on a regular basis and she was merely passing on news.

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