January 25th, 2007

Coconut Biscuit

Daphne and the girls ~*~ Daph's Flat ~*~ Complete

He's the one that I want. I'm pretty sure.

Thursday, January 25th ~*~ Evening

Dear Friend,

I know it may not be as informative and exciting as the last outing some of us went on; but if you're up for it I think I have something you might be interested in hearing.

Did I mention there would be chocolate and wine?


Remus • His quarters • Complete

Warning sign, warning sign,
I see it but I pay it no mind.
Thursday, January 25 • Evening

Shards of a firewhiskey bottle littered the floor near the hearth.

A second bottle was well on its way to being drained as well, and the wizard who held it was glaring at the bottle as if that were completely its fault.

Their magic was gone, or at least dwindled. The reserves the man had concealed most of his life, the strength that had allowed him to do wandless magic carelessly, even lazily, had been sapped away.

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