November 22nd, 2006


Daphne and Harry ~*~ The Phoenix ~*~ Complete

People will talk.

Wednesday, November 22nd ~*~ Afternoon

The sounds of Rita Skeeter dishing the latest gossip finally ground to a halt and Daphne realized that no one in the kitchen was making a sound. The entire staff had frozen as it became apparent about who the gossip monger was discussing in her last segment.

The boss's boyfriend. Most of the employees either knew him or knew of him and he was well liked, but this... Cheating on the boss? That couldn't be true, could it?

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WWN ~ Rita Skeeter Program, In Progress

When you are in trouble, people who call to sympathize are really looking for the particulars.

~Edgar Watson Howe, Country Town Sayings, 1911

Wednesday, November 22nd

One last delicious dish to share with you today, dear listeners.

After her sudden and mysterious disappearance a year ago, the delicate flower and socialite Pansy Parkinson has returned. One has to wonder what could have drawn her back.

Or who.

My sources tell me this perfect Pansy has been spreading her petals for not one but two of Hogsmeade's hunkiest catches. Men who were supposedly already off the market, at least as far as their girlfriend and fiance - yes, fiance - were probably concerned.

These two tasty testosterone packed men fought over her on Monday at the Phoenix according to eye witnesses. The photos are to die for. Not as gorgeous as the Streak, but still something to warm my -


What? I was going to say heart. We can talk about warming something else later, Zeke, now run along. Rita's working.

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Bill, Molly and Arthur ~ The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

Not good, not good at all.
Wednesday, November 22nd ~ Late Afternoon

Arthur hadn't heard the broadcast since he was in his little office at the Ministry working on trying to figure out the latest Muggle device that had been brought it. It was called a DVD something or other. It had been taken from the home of an older witch and it had been given to her by her grandson. When the device started throwing hard little discs at her, she'd panicked and flooed his office. Arthur had been trying to get it to do the things the witch swore it would do, but all it did was sit there.

I wonder what kind of spell she threw at it...

His thoughts were interrupted when one of his colleagues stopped in and offered his condolences about the breakup of Bill and his fiance. Arthur had stared at the man for a few moments before he demanded to know what the other man had heard. After squashing the 'rumor' as best he could - Arthur took the rest of the afternoon off and headed for Hogsmeade. He'd considered stopping by Gringotts to ask Bill if he'd totally lost his mind, but considering the way things had turned out with Percy...

We need a plan.