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Two Sides of the Coin
Birthday Wishes Narcissa and Molly
Monday, October 20

The elegant restaurant was strangely empty save for two occupants seated at the best table in the house. Lucius had arranged it that way, having no wish to dine with any undesirables. The owner was very compliant to closing the place to the public for the night, paid handsomely for the favor.

A waiter refilled their champagne glasses, melting away as quickly as he came once the service was finished. The table was laden with choice plates, the skill of the chef shining through for the well-paying, intimidating guests of the evening.

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I've always loved a challenge.
Monday, October 30th ~ Afternoon

Dearest Lucius,

You can't imagine my surprise when I received your owl the other day. I would have responded sooner but I simply had to see for myself.

I attended a small, informal gathering over the weekend and saw your dear son.Collapse )