September 23rd, 2006

Faerie King

Finvar and Maev ~ Their Kingdom ~ Complete

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
~ Eric Hoffer
Saturday, September 23rd ~ Fall Equinox

Whatever the mortals had used to block the portal, it was formidable. But not entirely perfect. To one such as Finvar, the tiny, almost impossible to detect flaws shouted their presence. It didn't make them any easier to enlarge, but it did enable him to locate the minuscule points. He'd worked almost daily on the task he'd set himself and was pleased that this day - the day the Winter Court's powers started their ascension, he'd made a difference. Not large enough yet to do what he wanted, but it was a beginning.

Returning to the palace, he looked for his Queen. Finvar was pleased and wanted to share the news with someone who would appreciate it properly.

WWN News Update - In Progress - Complete

WWN News Update
Saturday, September 23rd ~ Noon

"And in closing, some exciting news for the residents of Hogsmeade has come to my attention. The Ministry has finally seen fit to concern themselves with the mental health of our students at Hogwarts by assigning a trained psychologist to the school. Within the same month, they're assigning a Director to the Ministry Office located at the Northern edge of town. We don't as yet know exactly who will be the Ministry's newest representative in this office. As of this time, no Aurors are actually stationed in Hogsmeade. The substation is usually deserted and seems to be used as nothing more than a layover between longer journeys. Despite assurances from the Minister himself that this office would be a direct pipeline to London for those living in the area, we've seen little more than a few paper pushers trying to look busy whenever someone happens to stop by. Depending on who fills this prestigious post, it may change and then again - it may not."

"This has been Ezekiel Brunderbluss with your daily news update. As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond in a timely fashion. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programing."

Rita's voice can be heard in the background, "What poor schmuck are they going to stick out there? You know the residents aren't going to be very happy if the Ministry is actually going to start poking their nose in everyones business."

Zeke's sigh is heard before he replies, "I don't know, Rita. Don't you think if I knew who it was - I'd send condolences?"

A commercial for The Three Broomsticks starts and any further comments are left to the listener's imagination.