August 7th, 2006


Harry and Daphne ~*~ Her flat ~*~ Complete

All Good Things...
Monday, August 7th ~*~ Morning

Daphne couldn't put her finger on what, exactly, she'd been feeling since she woke up this morning. Almost like regret, which was silly because there would be other mornings just like this one. Nearly every Monday for months began this way so why was this one so different?

Relief wasn't quite right either. She was happy to be coming home, Daphne liked her flat, and while Harry's place was wonderful... it wasn't hers. At Harry's she was a visitor, no matter how welcome he made her feel or how much free rein she had. The last week had been different and fun, but she was still glad to be unlocking her own front door once more.

Reluctance? There had been a hint of that, yes, when she'd packed her things this morning. Who would expect any less given the week she'd spent with the man she loved.

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Aeval, Izabel and Remus • Hogwarts Grounds • Complete

Puzzling evidence
Done hardened in your heart
It's hardened up your heart.
Monday, August 7 • Evening

They'd dropped in at Hogwarts so Izabel could pick up her birthday presents from some of the staff staying over. At first it had just been Vera, but then Madame Sprout had entered the room, followed shortly by McGonagall. Remus had quickly made his excuses and left the ladies to their chat — it didn't take more than one arch comment followed by giggling for him to decide a quiet sitdown by the lake would be more his speed.

That had been about three-quarters of an hour ago, or thereabouts. It didn't matter over much — he was content to sit and listen to the wind, and it was good for Izabel to see her friends.

The thought of taking her away from them still didn't sit easy with him.

A few ripples disturbed the surface of the water; Lupin tossed one of the biscuits he'd stuck in his pocket before leaving the impromptu hen party to the giant squid.

"I met your squidling the other day, you know. Cute kid."
Full power

Various cast .::. Hogwarts and environs .::. Complete

It's only forever
It's not long at all
Lost and lonely
That's underground
Monday, August 7 to Tuesday, August 8 .::. In the dark of night

The Queen stepped unseen from the shadows at the border of the camp when the werewolf left. His frustration and anger was almost palpable; it truly was a shame she'd not get to tame it following this trip.

But there will be other harvests, Maev thought with a philosophical smile.

This one would have to be cut short — dislodging the fae would be a simple thing, if only the castle dwellers knew, and now that the wizards were roused it was no longer prudent to rely upon their ignorance.

But the fae could afford patience, though it chafed her.

The decision was made. They would leave tonight, with such prizes as they'd gleaned from these fields.

They had enough for her purposes.

Maev called for Vasily, and laid clear her instructions.

Severus and Ginevra ~ Snape Cottage ~ Complete

If you love someone, let them go free. If they return, it was meant to be.
If they wander away in some sort of zombie state, chase them down and sit on them for their own good.

Monday, August 7th ~ Very Late Night

In the seconds it took them to appear, Severus was already planning.

His wand fell into one hand with a snap of his wrist, the other hand turning Ginevra to face him. He didn't want to use the wand - did not want there to be a need for it - but he readied it just the same.

"Where were you going?"