August 5th, 2006


Fleur and The Queen of All Fae .::. The Fae Camp .::. Incomplete

The man that won you
Has gone off and undone you
The great beginning
Has seen it's final inning
Don't know what happened
It's all a crazy game
Saturday, August 5 .::. Morning

The Stigg's gamboling was ever amusing, but at last Maev had sent her Fool away, to vex the poltergeist at the castle or be coddled by the maternal women in town or prank the mortals at will, the Queen cared not.

A report from the palace seneschal had come through the well that morning. Maev read his estimation of Summer's doings in their absence and lost herself in thought.

Even if all goes awry, still we profit.

A sprite announcing a visitor ended her reverie.

What new morsel comes forth to place itself in our trap?