July 17th, 2006


Draco and Ginny ~ The Goddess Gallery ~ Complete

I'll Try Anything Once, Twice If I Like It, Three Times To Make Sure.
- Mae West
Monday, July 17th ~ Afternoon

Draco took in the building with a speculative gaze - he may own it but that didn't necessarily mean that he'd actually ever been in it. Ever since his mother had consulted with Peterson about acquiring property in the area he had developed a habit of snapping them up as they became available.

His mother was in Wiltshire, and while he did love her - the distance suited him just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Shrugging he opened the door and stepped inside, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the change.
Aeval 4

Aeval and Adrian ~ The grounds of Hogwarts ~Complete

Come with me. My garden needs tending.
~ Poison Ivy

Monday, July 17th ~ Late Afternoon

Aeval had found a small patch of lawn far enough away from the tents that the noise would not bother her, yet near enough that should her Queen need her she could respond in a timely manner. The unseen ones had brought a small rug for her to sit upon, and Aeval had done just that - leaning back on her arms to raise her face to the warmth of the sun.

Someone had come from the castle, and Aeval turned to look at the man walking in the direction of the forest. He had a small basket with him, and seemed to be walking with a purpose.

Standing quickly, Aeval moved to join him with a ready smile. She had not been formally introduced to the castle Potions Master, but she knew of him and could recognize him easily.

"Lovely day for a walk. May I join you?"