July 2nd, 2006


Roger and Vera * Vera's quarters * Complete

You who were born with the sun above your shoulders
you turn me on, you turn me on
you have to know
Sunday, July 2 || Morning

Something was different, and Vera was much too asleep yet to figure out exactly what it was.

The sunlight was at the regular angle, the sheets felt familiar, the man she was curled up against was warm and breathing steadily.

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Bellatrix, Daphne and Harry * Daphne's flat * Complete

Your fright gives way to memory
having coffee with your love
or the story your father told you long ago
Sunday, July 2 * Afternoon

Sister's files had proven to be as useful as ever.

Bellatrix, hidden once more in the shadow of a tree, inspected the facade of a block of flats. One of them contained someone with whom she had a pressing appointment.

Still, one did not rush into a strange building. The taste of the place must be obtained, the information granted by all of the senses assimilated.

... There were remnants of powerful wards here, still thrumming in the earth. They occupied her attention for a trice as she gauged their purpose.

While she was doing so, a loathsome Muggle machine approached, with all the noise and smoke and abandonment of the dignity due a wizard that entailed.

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