July 1st, 2006


Bellatrix and Croaker * Malfoy Mansion * Complete * MA

And the day went home early
And the sun sank down into
The muck of a deep dead sky

Saturday, July 1 * Earliest morning

Extricating the name "Greengrass" from Croaker had come relatively easily. Teaching him to refer to all of the members of that family with a civil tongue had taken longer, until the spell used to reattach the organ did not work quite as it should.

He could still moan, and manage a sort of scream, but finer sounds were gone forever.

A pity.

Bellatrix had some questions about some of the items she'd since found in his hotel room, the key being one of the first things she'd confiscated, but small mysteries and petty curiosities could live on. One item, at least, had been of clear value and for that her debt to the Greengrass woman deepened.

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Adrian and Luna ~ Her Flat and Hogwarts ~ Complete

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.
~ Erma Bombeck
Saturday, July 1st ~ Afternoon

Luna hadn't opened her shop since the incident with the it. She'd hid out at home with all the doors and windows locked and warded. Until she could figure out exactly what was 'wrong' with it, she didn't feel comfortable trying to explain to anyone what she felt. Until she saw the papers she hadn't read for quite some time. They tended to pile up in a corner until they were remembered and dragged out. Duty bound to read them, they were her father's work after all, she shrieked and stood while staring at one headline.

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Charlie and Rose -- Owl Post and Un Peu de Ciel -- Incomplete

I Didn't Really Forget
Saturday, July 1st -- Early Evening

On Rose's day off, she had relaxed with a book, in bed then in the bath and now in her "comfy chair" and her mind only drifted to Viktor a few times. Of cours,e she didn't want to admit that those few times had her staring off into space for awhile until she realized she was brooding and she would shake it off.

Having a sudden chocolate craving, Rose went to the kitchen and took down the chocolate biscuit tin. Taking a bite, Rose smiled when she remembered how her and Charlie had that little race she started to find the chocolate first.

It was then that she remembered -- Charlie Weasley still owed her dinner. Dinner with someone would be nice. Get my mind off things.

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Charlie, Bill - Bill's cabin - Complete

Misery likes company
July 1st, Saturday ~ Early afternoon

Charlie didn't know whether to be angry or depressed. He was currently oscillating between the two, and it was probably worse. He'd lost his job, but to him, it seemed as if he'd lost more and he wanted nothing more than to be able to sulk for all he was worth.

He stomped up the stairs and fished his keys out of his pocket. Opening the door brusquely, he entered and closed it behind him just as forcefully, taking pleasure in making noise. He dropped his bag on the floor and sighed, suddenly tired. He looked around to see if the noise had attracted his brother.