June 28th, 2006

Stigg 4

The Fae ~ Hogwarts Grounds ~ Complete

Everything Is Funny,
As Long As It Is Happening To Somebody Else.
- Agnes Repplier
Wednesday June 28th ~ Dawn

Stigg was bored. He lay on his back, waiting for the morning duties to be assigned, trying to hit the chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the tent with a small silk pillow. He had gone out the day before, listening in on conversations reacting to their arrival. Some were suspicious - but overall the King and Queen had been pleased with his report. There had hardly been any time for fun - he had managed, yes, but not the unrestrained time he yearned for.

Can't push anyone down the well - that would be bad... moving undergarments from house to house always makes them yell - and throw things at each other... There is a lake nearby - that could be usefull...

Draco, Vasily and Finvar ~ Hogsmeade - Draco's Penthouse - Fae Camp ~ Complete

I Generally Avoid Temptation Unless I Can't Resist It.
- Mae West
Wednesday, June 28th ~ Afternoon

Ever since Greg's birthday party, Draco had been meaning to get out and find some more of the denims he had worn - the way they fit and showcased men's assets was positively sinful but who had known they were so comfortable? Well - besides Scarhead - but his opinion hardly counted when it came to fashion.

He had just cleared one shop - he was determined to get a pair in every style he could find - he couldn't be seen in the same - or damn near same - ones too close together, and was pondering which shop to attack next. Or there was down the street for ice cream - he could really use an ice cream....