June 8th, 2006


Draco and Severus -- The Phoenix -- Complete

Don't Fear the Reaper
Thursday, June 8th -- Afternoon

Severus had been hoping to catch Draco alone at the school at some point over the last few days. If he were to become upset at the news that Severus needed to share, better to destroy something at the Phoenix than at either of their homes.

He leaned against the door frame of Draco's office and knocked on the open door.

Daphne and Dung ~*~ Daphne's Flat ~*~ Complete

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Thursday, June 8th ~*~ Afternoon

The book was very carefully propped up out of the way on her kitchen counter. Its pages were tattered and yellowed, and Daphne was treating it with the utmost of care. It had belonged to her father, and his grandmother before him; names carefully inscribed inside the front cover going back several generations.

She brushed a lock of hair from her cheek and double checked the instructions handwritten on the page, her finger hovering just above the words to guide her.

Daphne had just picked up a razor sharp knife and turned to the glass jar containing a live newt when there was a whisper soft knock at her front door, quickly followed by two more and silence. She rolled her eyes and crossed the flat to open the door just as one final rap, louder than the first three, ran out.

"Seriously, Mister Fletcher."

Various Cast ~ Hogwarts to Northern England ~ Complete

Thank You For This Bitter Knowledge,
Guardian Angels Who Left Me Stranded.
It Was Worth It, Feeling Abandoned.
Makes One Hardened But What Has Happened To Love.
Thursday, June 8th ~ Late Afternoon.

Izabel left a note for Remus that she was taking a little trip with Vera. She didn't go into detail but tried to give the impression it was merely a shopping expedition. Vera had told her they weren't after a live target, but the manner in which she had told her - stiff and a little closed off made Izabel hesitant to ask many questions. She knew of course that Vera had unresolved issues with Cassius and finding out that he was dead probably stirred feelings long dormant.

I wonder if we'll find a real grave or merely a spot. Gods, I hope we don't find just a 'body' that's been left laying around.

With no small bit of trepidation, Izabel left her quarters to meet Vera at the main gates.

It's got to be better than crawling down a fire escape, she told herself as Vera came into view.

"Ready?" Izabel asked gently.