June 6th, 2006


Charlie and Arthur ~ Three Brooksticks ~ Complete

Don't Play Stupid With Me...
I'm Better At It!
Tuesday, June 6th ~ Evening

Arthur still hadn't quite gotten over his pout at not being able to attend Draco Malfoy's birthday party. From all reports, it had been quite an event. Second hand information was all well and good when one couldn't attend - but they had been invited.

I really wanted to take a look at some of those moving beds in addition to the watery ones. I wonder if they have to hold their breath or if they use charms?

Wiping off the bar, Arthur's eyes rose to the door when it opened and he spied his second eldest child.

"Charlie!" he boomed out as he came from behind the bar and engulfed the man in a hug. "Come to spend some time with your old dad?"

He was delighted to see him of course, although he'd heard that Charlie had moved in with Bill and that didn't bode well for the grandchild getting started. An idea formed in his head as he led his son to a stool.

"What'll you have?"

If he's here - that means more time alone for Gabrielle and Bill. Get him slightly sloshed first, old man.