June 5th, 2006


Various -- Owls and Rose's Parent's house -- Complete

Did I Do the Right Thing?
Monday, June 5th -- Afternoon

She was tired of this, tired of sleeping all day only to wake up feeling unrested. Tired of staying up all night reading her books just to take her mind off of how tired she was of having nightmares. Tired of only seeing her parents when she left her room to shower or when they finally sat her down and told her that she was a guest and their guests ate three meals a day and nothing less.

Rose was tired of feeling sorry for herself and so that night she set her alarm clock and made herself get up at a decent hour. Then she ate breakfast with her parents before going outside for a walk which helped her not be such the drama queen.

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Draco, Narcissa, Seamus and Bella ~ The Phoenix to Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

If You Ever Wanted To Know What A Person With Acute Paranoia Looks Like,
Just Keep Watching.
Monday, June 5th ~ Early Evening

Draco had thought of taking today off - it was his birthday after all - but then when would his students give him his gifts? Not that he had practically demanded them or insinuated that it might have an affect on their final - he would never do that.

Well, they couldn't prove it anyway.

Draco raised one eyebrow as his door opened - he never left it un-warded - and cautiously peered inside. Collapse )