May 27th, 2006

smile in blk dress

Rose, Vera, Daphne, Viktor and Izabel ~ Rose's Flat ~ Incomplete

Cheer Up!
The Worst Effects Of What We're Doing...
Won't Be Felt Until After We're All Dead!
~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~
Saturday, May 27th ~ Evening

Hagrid was a kind soul and he liked to talk. He was very worried about Rose and he'd confided to Izabel that she had asked him for several weeks off to recover from all the trauma she'd gone through lately. Izabel could understand that very easily, but she was also worried that Rose would sit home and brood.

And that can't be allowed. Especially after - Him - whoever the hell he is messed with all three of our minds.

Vera. Vera is sensible. She'd be good to take along.

And Daphne.

Wasting no time, Izabel let Remus know where she'd be and asked Roger to keep an eye on the Ravenclaw students for the evening. She figured since she'd be taking Vera with her - he needed something to keep him busy.

Knocking on Vera's door a short time later Izabel shifted the package she'd thrown together and waited.

"Vera? I know you're in there - come out, come out wherever you are. It's time to play a little."