April 30th, 2006

that amues me

Daphne and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Be Careful Where You Point That Thing!
Sunday, April 30th ~ Early Evening

He hadn't told her yet, which was part of the training, but Harry had devised an outdoor gauntlet of sorts for Daphne to practice in this evening and any other time she chose. There was nothing dangerous or permanent in any of the 'traps' he'd devised, but some might prove a bit embarrassing.

Having your knickers float away would be a good one, he thought as he pulled on a light sweater and went to find her.

"Daph? Ready to go forth and do battle?"

Seamus, Draco - Hogsmeade - Complete

Let the punishment fit the crime
Sunday, April 30th ~ Afternoon

"You're a slave driver, you know that?" Seamus grumbled. "What am I thinking? Of course you know it! And I bet you're proud of it!"

He sighed and raised his free hand to wipe his brow. It was getting warm and all the packages he was carrying weren't helping. He came to a stop and prepared a pout.

"I'm thirsty!" he declared, turning to glare at Draco.