April 9th, 2006

really I'm harmless

Daphne, Harry and Sirius ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.
~ Carl G. Jung ~
Sunday, April 9th ~ Early Evening

Daphne had asked him to show her some of the spells they would be teaching at The Phoenix. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to. It was one thing to teach a student he wasn't involved with. It was another to try and impart some knowledge to the woman in his life.

Can I be impartial enough? Is good enough really good enough or could I end up harming her in a way because I wasn't tough enough on her? Can't ask Draco - he'd have way too much fun tormenting her. Snape - no. Remus isn't teaching yet. So it's me.

The thought process hadn't taken very long, and he turned back around to give Daphne a wry smile.

"You're sure? I'm going to warn you - I won't be taking it easy on you. If you're going to learn this - you're going to do it right."
Fourth of Mercury

Roger, Remus and Vera * Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest * Complete

Take a walk through the land of shadows
Take a walk through the peaceful meadows
Try not to look so disappointed
Sunday, April 9 * Late afternoon

Four days before the next full moon. One day before classes at the Phoenix started and her evenings were filled. A few hours before dusk fell and it would be difficult to see in the forest.

Vera worked well with a deadline, but this was cutting things a titch close.

Still, though: The replacement detector was completed. All that basically remained was taking it out into the forest, keying it in and then informing the Ministry so that perhaps they could stop sending her owls every day inquiring about her progress.

Considering the original detectors had taken years to develop and put into place — and that the Ministry was not sending her any assistance other than the so-helpful notes — really, she'd done quite well, Vector thought.

She squared her shoulders and knocked on the door of Roger's quarters. It was time to arrange for an "escort."

Bill, Charlie - Bill's cabin - Complete

Moving in
Sunday, April 9th ~ Late afternoon

Pacing outside the Burrow, Charlie found it a bit strange to be relieved as he looked at his packed things. He didn't have many things, just a few bags and a couple of boxes. In a way, it stung as it showed that he didn't own much in this place he called home. Most of his belongings were still in Romania and he wasn't quite sure he was looking forward to going back there. But from a more practical point of view, he had to admit that at least, it wouldn't be a pain to carry all this to Bill's.

So Charlie stuck to being practical as he waited for his brother to arrive. Much less complicated, after all. And he wasn't the brainy one of the family, so there was no need for him to start over-analyzing himself.